Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleep Deprived

So, I am surprised I have not fallen asleep at work yet! It is 10:30 and I have had 2 cups of coffee and I have been ok for now. Why am I so tired? Well, I slept like I was 5 last night. I don't mean that I slept well, like a baby, I mean I slept like I was 5 and had nightmares about the witch. Anyway, I don't know what got into me last night! I went to sleep at a normal time (between 9:30 and 10). I didn't eat a late dinner and I watched the normal things before bed, last night was Biggest Loser. So why on earth did I dream about 1. a hooded intruder standing over my bed 2. the Nashville courthouse being bombed (and me calling my friends and brother there to make sure they are ok) and 3. My mom and I being lost in a parking garage looking for her car only to witness a fight and someone getting stabbed and arrested?! It was CRAZY! I guess I am missing my goodnight phone call. And maybe since I haven't been running in the mornings since I have suddenly become scared of the dark outside that has something to do with it! Seriously, I have always gotten up and ran at 5 am, it has always been dark, but now, I am scared? Who knows! I have to now change my routine and run in the evenings when I get off work. Maybe I will also stop watching and reading the news. That may help. Maybe the crazy dreams will stop. I know, it was only one night of them and they probably only totaled about 10 minutes of my actual sleep time, but I feel like I have been run over by a truck and am super tired today. Scout thinks I am crazy as well because when I dreamed about the hooded guy standing over my bed I woke up and sat straight up in a panic and scared the mess out of him. I think he hated me for scaring him and waking him up. any of you ever have weird/bad dreams? If so, what do you do to prevent them?? I am going to go fix myself another cup of coffee now and hopefully have a good rest of the day.

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  1. Some people say it has a lot to do with what you eat before you go to sleep. maybe that was it?