Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Bonjour from France!! (Well, this is a scheduled post..) When you all read this, I will be in FRANCE with my wonderful husband! Hope you all are having great weeks!! Can't wait to be back and show you pictures!! (Well, I guess I can wait, I AM on my HONEYMOON afterall!)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I change my last name!!!

Today is my wedding day and I FINALLY get to wear my wonderful dress and marry the man of my dreams!! I will become Mrs. Winters!!! :) Have a great day!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Eve!!

So, I have been meaning to get on the blog ALL WEEK LONG!! But, as you can imagine, since it is my wedding week, I am running around getting all of the last minute things done, which includes but isn't limited to packing for a 2 week honeymoon! LOL Which I am in the process of doing right now!!

Tomorrow is rehearsal and then Saturday is the wedding!!! YAY!! I am so so so excited!! I hope you all have a great week, and hang in there I will be back around July 10!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Show us your life - Proposal Stories

So funny that Kelly is doing proposal stories today! We are getting married NEXT WEEKEND, so this is perfect timing!!!! :)

We went to Orange Beach! Even though it was chilly, it was still really pretty! I mean who doesn't like waking up to the ocean everyday! We went down to celebrate E's birthday on Thursday, but little did I know, so much more was planned! E and I are both big cooks so we decided we would cook more than go out to eat, so on his birthday, we cooked the BEST shrimp dish EVER! I made him a Key Lime Cheesecake for his birthday before we went. Anyway...we cooked dinner and were sitting around enjoying each other and wine when he asked for some cheesecake! He mentioned that he as going to go change clothes and get comfortable if I would fix the cheesecake. He came back to the kitchen a few minutes later and handed me a present. I probably looked at him funny and he said, I got you something for MY birthday! I thought that was odd, but opened it anyway. It looked and felt like a book, so I assumed that is what it was. But I opened it to a book that had two sides. One side was a picture of a beautiful ring and the other side were the words..."Will you marry me?" I was shocked at this point, looked to see that E was on one knee with a ring in his hand. I think I said, "Is this for real?" and He asked me if I would marry him, I said yes! That is how he wanted to celebrate his birthday!! Isn't that sweet?!

We enjoyed the rest of the weekend in newly engaged bliss!
You can click here for the pictures!


I am SO glad that Friday is already here! I LOVE weekends and I am ready for this one! You guys are awesome with all of your book suggestions! They should keep me busy for a while. Not that I need that much for the next 8 days, but I may! I am incoherent lately it seems like. I can't think straight and I don't make sense with my sentences, my brain is just in 500 places at once. I have to email and talk to so many people and try to coordinate so many schedules it isn't even funny! But only 8 more days and I won't have to do that any more. I will be away from any contact with the outside world for 2 weeks and it is going to be glorious! A little breather is exactly what I need!

I have a busy weekend ahead with a birthday and father's day to celebrate, and last minute wedding stuff to finish. I hope you all have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!! Miss Sassy is getting married in NY tomorrow! So, if you get a chance, go wish her a happy wedding day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 days.....

Just a warning, this post is all over the place. I guess I am all over the place with excitement and I can't focus on much at all these days. Everytime I tried to say something to E last night, I kept forgetting my thoughts and mixing up my words! My mind is on June 26.

We are down to the 10-day countdown people!! Ahh!! SO EXCITED! The whole engagement has gone by so fast until now! This week is dragging and I am sure that next week will be even worse! Oh well, it will come in 10 days no matter how long it seems!!

So, random, I am watching tv right now, just Fox News to get caught up on a little bit of what is happening in the Gulf and seeing some politics, since I have left that world for a few months....and I saw a commercial for the church of scientology. Random. I have never ever seen anything like that.

On another note, I was thinking about people working in public service. Whether this be working retail, working at a doctors office or just somewhere where you deal with the public, I think there should be some tougher screening rules. I hate it when people act like you are bothering them by shopping at their store or calling their office to ask a question. I realize that there are some annoying people out there who ask ridiculous questions or just get on your nerves, but that doesn't happen constantly. I hate it when people are so rude. There are honestly other options for employment if you don't like people or if you can't fake nice. I mean really, get over yourself and BE NICE or get another job, I am sure there is someone else who could do it better.

On the last note, I am looking for some good books, again. I feel like I ask this question every week! Ha! I love reading and it really helps me pass the time. Looks like I am going to need 518 books to pass the time the next 10 days! Happy middle of the week day! Only 2 more working days then the weekend is here! Yay!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This weekend came and went all too quickly. I mean, not really, I am ready for the next 12 days to FLY by!! ;) I was home by myself this weekend because E went with his friends to Destin for his bachelor party!! They braved the oily seas of the Gulf and went deep sea fishing.(There was no oil there when they were fishing, but it is moving in.) It sounds like they had such a great time!! And they brought back some yummy fish! I can't wait to cook some (hopefully tonight)! As for me, I was expecting to sit around all weekend bored and lonely, but instead, I went to eat Friday night with one of my bridesmaids, then Saturday I took a roadtrip to Birmingham and met one of my BFFs Carlie and she pampered me! We walked around the mall 23 times (the first time, we weren't paying attention and were talking instead, the other 22, we actually looked at stuff). We ate an awesome lunch, then we went to the movie! It was such a GREAT Saturday! We always have so much fun together! Then Sunday, E came home sooner than I was expecting and we went to my parent's house to grill out. Can you believe that in only 12 days, I will be getting MARRIED??? I am over.the.moon. excited, but I feel like time is standing still!! At least we have started a new week! I hope you all have a great Monday!!

Oh, and don't forget, I am still looking for some guest bloggers while I am on my honeymoon, if you are interested, email me,!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Busy!!

So, we are gettong down to the wire now! 17 days to go!! I still have a few little things left to do before the wedding but not that many!! I am trying to get the house all clean and ready before we leave for the honeymoon so we can come home to a nice and clean house to start things off right!! E is going to the beach this weekend for his bachelor party! They are supposed to go deep sea fishing, but with the oil and all, it is still up in the air whether they will get to or not! We will see! But, that means I have the weekend to myself and I will have plenty of time to clean the house, not that there is much left to clean seeing how I am home everyday. But, I do have to start packing too! Now that we are getting closer to the wedding, the days are seeming longer and longer! Which is making the weeks DRAG by! It feels like June 26 is NEVER going to get here!!

So, speaking of June 26 and being gone for a while on the oh-so-anticipated honeymoon to FRANCE, I was going to ask you guys a favor.....would any of you be willing to guest blog here one or two times (depending on if anyone is interested) while I am gone, to keep people entertained! I will be setting up a few posts before-hand, but certainly not enough I imagine! Anyway, if you are interested, you can email me I would GREATLY appreciate it! Well, it is only Wednesday, so that means a few more days of the week to go. I have felt it was Thursday since yesterday! Boo! Hope you have a great day, and I am sure I will be back before the week is done!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

As Promised....

I promised you guys that I would post some pictures of the swing and fence. Well even though I really wanted to take some pictures at night, I snapped a few this morning. (Please excuse the mess on the back patio, it is what happens when you have ongoing projects!)

Here is the swing...

The fence and the peach and apple trees...The sun was shining bright, so I am not sure if you can see it too well....

Here is the back patio with the pergola that E built a year or so ago, you can't really see them, but we hung lights on the underside earlier this year and it is really pretty at night (there are also grape vines on all four corner posts that are eventually going to grow over the top so it adds a little more shade...

Here is our neighbors house....we came home from memorial day weekend and found something that looked all too familiar in their back yard...

Well, I am off to do a few things around the house. I am going to meet the harpist who is playing our wedding and talk about the songs he is going to play!! Hope you all are having a GREAT week! It is Thursday after all, so the weekend is SO close!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots to share

Well, I am finally back! I have lots to share. Quickly, I had my bachelorette party in Atlanta 2 weekends ago. It was pretty uneventful, which is why I am kind of breezing over it. But, here are some of the great gifts that my friends gave me before we went out...

This weekend, E and I went to Little Rock, AR to go see his best friend and his wife. We had a nice lazy weekend. We did go to Riverfest and saw one of our favorite bands, Cross Canadian Ragweed. Here are the two pictures I took from that...

Lastly, E and I ran our first 5k together on Monday! It was the Cotton Row Run in Huntsville, which is a huge run here for Memorial Day! It was really fun! It was so hot and humid! But it has really motivated us to keep going and run more and more! It is really awesome! We are still running! Here is a before the race and a post race picture....

Now, I PROMISE I will post pictures of the fence, garden and swing either later today or tomorrow! They are awesome! Our back yard has really become our oasis and it is so nice. Now, if we could only keep everyone from being so envious and taking our ideas! LOL