Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I feel like I am perpetually absent from the blog world for certain periods of time. Life is just moving WAY.TOO.FAST! I have SO MUCH going on that I can barely keep up, much less sit and write about it! So, I may take a small break while I catch  up with life. Maybe it will just be a few hours and I can check in before I lose my mind. Talk to you soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting back in the swing of things....

My list of things to do is just growing by leaps and bounds...seriously!

We are starting to pick life back up where it was left off in the aftermath of the storms from two weeks ago! We were without power for over a week. We were very lucky though, less than a mile from my house, you can't even tell there were neighborhoods there, or a grocery store, or a pharmacy. Really, it is scary.

Anyway, we had a previous trip to the beach planned for last week and with no power and work being closed, we decided it was best just to go. We packed in the dark and had to leave our house just kind of there. Really, it wasn't the way I would have chosen to do things, but we needed to go. We packed our bags and were gone. Although, with the disaster area and power trouble left at home, it was hard to fully relax on the trip. We also knew that when we got home, we had a lot of things to take care of. With no power, your refrigerator and freezer doesn't work. We lost EVERYTHING in our fridge and freezer, which again, we are the lucky ones. We had to come home and replace everything that we could think of in our fridge and freezer. It was a good opportunity to take all of the shelves and drawers out and clean the whole thing, I guess.

Now, we are back to our regular schedule and are trying to get back into our routine. Our dogs didn't do well with us being gone and are not the same, so that is another thing we have been trying to correct this weekend and I am sure for a while moving forward. Hopefully I will get to a better routine soon, now that all of our dishes and laundry is done and our fridge is kind of restocked. We just have a few more things to do for the house and everything will be back (kind of) like it was. Hope you all have a great week, I am glad to be back! If you would like to know more about the storm that hit my area go here! Thank you all for thinking of me and my Sweet Home Alabama during this time!