Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well I am updating from my phone. just as I was about to post an update, storms hit yesterday, and it was the worst in history for this area. As you all may know, I live in North Alabama. We have no power and won't for days, we were lucky at my house with no damage but today is going to be a long day of cleanup at my parents house, they have lots of trees down and can't get out of their driveway or road without extensive tree cutting. However, we wake up thankful today that we are the lucky ones, our friends and family are all safe and accounted for. Trees can be cut, power will eventually be restored, but the 128 (and counting) lives lost in alabama can't be replaced. Please keep our area in your thoughts and prayers as we begin the long journey of cleanup and restoration. And pray for power soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday!

It looks my new blog schedule is going to be well, not as often. I do have lots to update on, but it seems as if I don't have an SD card slot at work, so I can't share pictures, and I want to be able to share pictures, before I share my post! Anyway....I am still working at the law office and busy, busy, busy!!

We have somethings to share, so maybe I will be able to tell everything in pictures when I get home this weekend!! Hope you all have a great week and a HAPPY EASTER! I will be back this weekend with pictures!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I think I have mentioned before what a fan I am of snail mail! I just love letters! Really, I get so excited when I go to the mailbox and find something other than a bill or junk mail! It is really one of those things that just makes me so happy! When my husband and I were dating, we lived 4 hours apart. I used to send him a letter every single week. He kept them all and it has been fun to go back and read them and see how things were back then! :) When he was overseas for a month, I packed him up some letters to take with him, one for each week he was gone! I know how much it means to me when I get a real letter, and I thought it was something that he would really enjoy when he missed home! (I think he did!) Now, I am a pen pal to Lindsey! It was so much fun getting her letter in the mail last week and writing her back (it is on the way BTW!). A letter can really turn the day around. If you enjoy letters as much as I do, you should send one to someone you love, or someone you haven't kept in touch with like you should. If you don't have anyone like that, you can also go send a letter to a soldier, just to say thank-you. If you live with the person you would write a little note to, just put it somewhere where they will find it, like in their car or by the coffee pot. Kind words mean so much and finding a little letter can go a  long way! :) Happy Wednesday! Hope you all have a great week!! It is almost FRIDAY!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Checking in....

Well, the wedding this weekend was a success!! When I get access to some of the pictures, I will post them! The weather turned out beautiful and the day couldn't have been more perfect for them. So, if anyone is in need of a wedding director/planner, you can call me. Because I have done one with no hiccups and I loved it!! ;)

On another note, I am a big breakfast eater. I have to have something to eat in the morning or I am ready for lunch at 9:30 am and I can't think about anything else until I eat. Plus, if I get hungry, I get grouchy, just ask my husband! ;) We cook breakfast on the weekends and back when I didn't work, I would get up and cook breakfast in the mornings before E left for work. Well, now that I have to get ready and go to work, I don't really have that much time to cook a breakfast that we are used to, but I still need something and I don't want to stop for a fast-food breakfast every morning, that would just be bad for bikini season and the people who have to look at me! LOL So, I have discovered the awesomeness of the smoothie! I used to get these a lot in college after I worked out, but never really any other time. Well, I have been making smoothies this week for breakfast and can I just say I LOVE them and they keep me full until lunch!! Well, they do. I started with the Yoplait smoothie packet and discovered it was just frozen fruit! Well, at almost $4.00 per pack, I thought that was silly. So, I bough some frozen fruit at Publix, along with some fresh bananas and then you just add mild (and OJ if you want) and you have a great breakfast to keep you full! Plus, it won't be bad for bikini season. Because I have 18 days before we leave for a week at the beach!

Speaking of beach....everyone needs to go welcome by beach buddy to the blog world! She JUST started her blog and needs people to read about it!! So, go to her blog, Many Faithful Journeys, and let her know I sent you!! :) I have mentioned her and her husband before (he was the best man in my wedding and she helped keep my husband sane...) She is also a fellow duck-hunting widow in the fall...... So, go now and say hi and tell her I said hi!!

Have a great week!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, I lied....

...You know, when I promised you about two weeks ago that I was back for good this time. Well, hopefully I really am. I have had SO much going on lately it isn't even funny! I am lucky that I have a chance to sit down and even speak!!

So here are a few bullet points on what has happened in literally the last week...

1. I have a new job at a law office that I love.
2. My car is sick and in the shop.
3. I am having to drive my husband's truck! (Only difficult in reverse)
4. I am directing my first wedding this weekend and I am so excited!

I will update you all soon! I PROMISE!! Hope you are having a great week!