Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Year...

Wow how time flies! I haven't been on here in forever, hopefully I can set a more blog-oriented schedule soon! But, I just wanted to come by and share what a wonderful weekend I has with my husband...OF A YEAR! Yep, that is right! Sunday, we celebrated our one year anniversary! Can you believe it has already been a year?! We enjoyed a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains in Georgia, our wedding cake topper, our bottle of wine we bought in France on our honeymoon and each other!! It was the perfect way to slow down and really relax and reflect on where the year has gone! I got him a book that I made of our first year in review and he got me tickets to see Miranda Lambert! :) We visited a winery on Sunday and bought a bottle of wine to enjoy on our 2 year anniversary! I think we have started a great tradition, buying a bottle of wine in the place we celebrate our marriage and then drink it the next year!

Other updates on life: I am starting LAW SCHOOL in August! Yay! Working at the law firm was just the kick I needed to apply! It will be tough trying to juggle it all, but it will all be worth it in the end! :) We are VERY excited to see what comes of it! Hopefully I will be around here more often as well!! :)

Thank you all for being patient with me! My friend C told me that if I didn't hurry up and post a blog, that you guys were going to send out a search party for me! :) Well, I am here, alive, just SUPER EXTREMELY busy!