Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy Busy!!

So, we are gettong down to the wire now! 17 days to go!! I still have a few little things left to do before the wedding but not that many!! I am trying to get the house all clean and ready before we leave for the honeymoon so we can come home to a nice and clean house to start things off right!! E is going to the beach this weekend for his bachelor party! They are supposed to go deep sea fishing, but with the oil and all, it is still up in the air whether they will get to or not! We will see! But, that means I have the weekend to myself and I will have plenty of time to clean the house, not that there is much left to clean seeing how I am home everyday. But, I do have to start packing too! Now that we are getting closer to the wedding, the days are seeming longer and longer! Which is making the weeks DRAG by! It feels like June 26 is NEVER going to get here!!

So, speaking of June 26 and being gone for a while on the oh-so-anticipated honeymoon to FRANCE, I was going to ask you guys a favor.....would any of you be willing to guest blog here one or two times (depending on if anyone is interested) while I am gone, to keep people entertained! I will be setting up a few posts before-hand, but certainly not enough I imagine! Anyway, if you are interested, you can email me I would GREATLY appreciate it! Well, it is only Wednesday, so that means a few more days of the week to go. I have felt it was Thursday since yesterday! Boo! Hope you have a great day, and I am sure I will be back before the week is done!


  1. hi. new follower. i like your style! congrats on the fastly approaching day- 17 days! wahoo


  2. So exciting!! You're going to have a great time in France!