Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

So, I guess since MckMama is giving away a cool prize, I will do a "Not Me Monday post that I haven't done in a while, even though I don't really have much that I can remember.

...I DID NOT get up at 3:30 am to drive back home (in the rain)because I REALLY don't wanna come back to this city. Nope, not me, I LOVE it here and I LOVE my job.
...I DID NOT change clothes in the car when I got to work because I was slowed by said rain and got to the parking lot just in time and didn't have time to go home and change. (It IS a 3.5 hour drive, I HAD to do it in pjs)
...I DID NOT talk trash on Gameday Saturday because Auburn lost BAD to Arkansas.
...C (co-worker) and I WERE NOT so lazy to go home for lunch today that we didn't walk down the street to the new oyster house. This isn't the same one we were at the last time we were at work. We would never eat out this much.
...We DID NOT leave from said restaurant early (before our meals were finished) because our waiter creeped us out (while shucking oysters with a knife) talking about blood in the oysters and killing himself with the knife. Yeah, it wasn't weird at all.

That is about all I can think of for now....Hope you all have a great Monday!

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