Friday, October 23, 2009

Football Friday Part 8

So, I missed football Friday last week because I was not at a computer and I completely forgot to schedule a post about it. Anyway, this week is a big week for The Crimson Tide, probably bigger for us than the Iron Bowl. We play Tennessee. Now, Tennessee is a bigger rival for us than Auburn. It is BAD. I don't know one Alabama fan who doesn't literally hate Tennessee. So, here's to hoping I can report back to you on Monday with Alabama still being undefeated and beating TN! We play in Tuscaloosa, so it should be a good one. See how this student feels about Tennessee. I think it pretty much speaks for the rest of the community of Bama fans....Ha!



  1. We LOVE college football at my house. AND Alabama just so happens to be one of our FAVORITE teams! My sister-in-law goes there, so we are always texting her during the games. ROLL TIDE!!

  2. Hi Becky & Roll Tide!
    I found you throught Ink Obsession! Don't you love Erin's designs?! I had to smile when I clicked on your blog and saw the BIG Roll Tide button! May have to borrow it for this weekend...where did you find it! I would love to put it on my sidebar for this weekend! Greg...hubby...flew home to Alabama JUST to go cheer the Tide on vs. UT! Well...he went to see family and friends too...BUT THE TIDE was the big pull! I was going to post about BAMA football next week too...have requested that Greg take some shots on the quad...where we use to tailgate every game...and in the stadium! So...Roll Tide Becky! Are you guys going to the game?

  3. I really really hope AL wins!!!! I can't stand TN football!