Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thirty. It's half-way to Sixty.

You must think that is the craziest blog title EVER! Ha! Well, today, I am writing a post because it is my brother, Chris's 30th birthday!! Yikes! We are getting old! He was born 6 years before me, so I have only known him 24 of those 30 years. He is a dreamer of dreams, a singer of songs, a performer, a constant source of laughter, a player of the guitar (and any other musical instrument he wants), a spitting image of our mama, a protector of his sister, a friend, and one, if you meet, you'll never forget! Be looking out for him, he will be famous one day if he has it his way!! Here are some photos to celebrate the birthday boy!!
Chris and our cousin Gracie

Doing what he does best

With his favorite sister

So, if you Twitter (Tweet?) follow him: @telechristopher and wish him a Happy Birthday!!