Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The eyes of Texas are upon us.....

OK, so not really the eyes of Texas (I just wanted to use that song title). But just eyes. That sounded weird. I'm not being weird or creepy so I better just get on with the story today so you people don't think I have lost my mind!! growing up were you always told to be on your best behavior because you never know who is watching you? Now, this person could have been Santa Claus, or your mom with eyes in the back of her head, or just strangers, or if you are like me, the witch that you believed lived in your basement. (Crazy story for another day) Anyway, this caused me to try to really pay attention to how I acted and what I did. Then, when I got into school everyone always told you to pay attention and do a good job because what you do today will affect your future. This used to really irritate me. I don't know why but it did. I never understood that learning algebra and geometry or making good grades would mean anything after high school or in college. But really, what we do when we are younger does cause some sort of impact no matter what. I hate that I am actually saying "You were right!" to all of those people who told me that. I guess I am saying all this not because I have actually used geometry today, but because I got a call at about 8:05 this morning from my high school. I was informed that I was selected as the "Alumnus of the Year" and would be inducted in the school's Alumni Hall of Fame. Now first, what school has one of those? Apparently mine. Anyway, my old teacher goes on to explain a few details and then talk about what she remembered me doing in high school and that she was proud of me. It really got me thinking that people really do watch us. If only I could go back and tell my 15 year old self (and probably my 18,19,20,and 21 year old self as well) that everything you do has an impact on someone, or there is always someone watching. And whether you know it or not, and are doing the right things or not, people notice, and people remember. It will come back to you somehow. It may be in the form of someone talking about you at your reunion or your face on a plaque in the hall of the school that your kids will probably attend and be embarrassed of. (Hopefully it won't be the whole state of Texas looking at you) but, just good to be thinking...what are you doing that people are noticing?


  1. We just don't understand how we can really impact someone, until we are all grown up. I know some kids impact me in good and bad ways too.

  2. Alumnus of the year?? Very impressive, congrats!!!