Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Longest Post Ever

I haven't really been in the mood to write much lately, mostly because I haven't felt like I had much to tell. Well, now it is like everything hits all at once! I have lots to tell!

First, the long weekend is sadly over, but it was a great one! It was the first college football weekend! Waking up on the first football weekend Saturday morning is like waking up on Christmas almost! It is really exciting! Well, we laid around and watched College Gameday, live from Atlanta, where the Alabama/Virginia Tech game was being played. Then, my mom and I got up and did what we usually do on Saturdays, shopped! I came home and made some homemade salsa and guacamole for the game. And then went to some new friends house to watch the game! That was ALOT of fun! The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying friends and family and relaxing and getting little sleep! Then I had to come back to Montgomery and work only to find that work is not only consuming its usual 5 days of my week this week, but the other 2 that we should have off! That makes for a bad first day back for the week!

Next, this weekend I purchased the new Nike+ Wristband that tracks your run and the stats that go with it and it is really neat and I would recommend it to anyone. Just had to throw that in there.

A few complaints/observances: Last night I went (reluctantly) to Walmart to pick up a few cleaning supplies so I could clean my house this week since I won't have a weekend. Well, of course they only had about three lanes open out of the 423 that they have available, so the lines were outrageously unnecessary! Anyway, one of the lanes was a 20 items or less lane. Last time I checked, this meant 20 items, as in ten times two or nineteen plus one, NOT TWO CARTS FULL OF STUFF!! The lines were bad enough, but this lady thought she should get to do what she wanted and went through the EXPRESS lane with two carts full of groceries for what looked like The Alabama National Guard! It was ridiculous. Well, a man about 10 people behind her decided to call her out and they went back and forth for a minute. Well, I was in another line and my cashier said, the lady should not be in that line and that the cashier checking her out should have not allowed her through. It was a big ole mess and I was happy to get out of there because the customers' argument was getting heated and the cops were on their way! I left and didn't get to enjoy the drama that ensued in front of the 200 people in the check out lines of 4 lanes! Now, before all of this happened, a lady and her son, who was about 10 were waiting in line behind me. They were getting impatient and frustrated along with everyone else, and they didn't have much. The son turns to his mom and says, "We could just steal it." I listened carefully to the mom's response, interested to see how she would phrase this important life lesson to her son. She look ed at him and said, "We can't do that here, they have those beepy things in the front." I KID YOU NOT. They were both dead serious. Wow. Instead of a life lesson, I wrote that in my future parenting log as how not to raise a child unless you want them to become a passenger in a police car. Seriously? Is this what kids seriously think these days??? I was floored.

Lastly, this morning I was watching the local news at 6 while I was eating breakfast, and I learned another thing I would never do if I ever get input on the content of a news broadcast. They were having guests on there who were cooking. Now, this is fine and well and I love some of the recipes, but there is absolutely no reason to show the newscaster taking a bite of the food (especially a quail panini at 6 am) and then expecting her to react and speak about the food she just ate. Seriously, it was a tight camera shot of her mouth taking a bite. Not attractive and it doesn't make me want to go find these people's restaurant to go eat! It is just gross. Don't do that please.

Ok, enough of the long post! I am sure I have left things out and already bored you all to death, so I am going to go now. Maybe I will try that quail panini and take a picture of it. And then try to talk.

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  1. Omg, I cant believe that woman said that to her son!!! No wonder some kids turn out so messed up! Grr. Sounds like a great weekend! I am excited for football too...its the most wonderful time of the year. :)