Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catching up.....

I am so not good at Monday recaps, so I tend to make them Tuesday recaps. Maybe this has been because my last two Mondays have fused into the weekend and Tuesday has become my Monday! I have had lots going on since Friday though and been busy busy! I don't think I mentioned that I had my first-ever flat tire on Thursday last week and 1. Had to get someone to come change it. 2. It was not fixable and I ended up with a new set of tires (a few months premature, but it was gonna happen anyway right?). Then, Friday I got off work a couple of hours early because I had to go back in to work Friday night (11:30-3:30am) for a big project. My whole plan was to get off early and then sleep til time to go back in, but of course that isn't how it works! So, I ended up cleaning my whole house and going to work. Then, I came home at about 3:30 am and got up Saturday at 6:30 so I could drive to Huntsville and begin my weekend. Which, in fact turned out to be the best weekend of the summer so far (if you still count this as summer), either way, it was AWESOME! Alabama won, Church was great, and the company was even better! I smiled all weekend because I had a great one, and didn't even mind getting up at 3:30 this morning to drive back. I am now at work, still not bothered by the early rising and plugging away (or at least trying to look as busy as possible). Anyway, those have been my past few days.....hope your weekends have been amazing!


  1. Well! You've been quite busy! My weekends are good sometimes at home sometimes out but there really isn't much to do around here, sucks!

  2. You always seem to have such great weekends!

  3. yay for the best weekend of the summer!
    you are one busy little lady ;)