Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Update

Wow, I have been so busy I haven't blogged in so long. I guess you all thought I was around Thursday and Friday, but in fact, those were scheduled posts, so I haven't been around in a WHILE! Lots to catch up on....
Thursday: Pat Green! Can I just say, this was so much fun!! I was afraid that the concert was going to be a little stuffy because of the older than usual crowd and the "seating". Pat took matters in his own hands though and invited the crowd down to the stage, like it is supposed to be, and we had lots of fun. It is nice when you can use the stage as your bar, its a great place to set your drink when you wanna take a picture! Although it is not such a great spot when he shotguns a beer and the remnants spill on you. Oh well, small price to pay for a WONDERFUL night! Emory and I met the sweetest couple ever! They were so fun! We then went to the Alley Bar and had fun there.
Friday: I worked and had a LONG day! Then did nothing!!
Saturday: The Tide rolled over the hogs. Sushi was eaten, an the rain came down!!
Sunday: Relaxing, pretty day in Montgomery, a trip to Bass Pro Shop, and a great dinner.
Monday/Tuesday: I watched my boss on CNN last night on "Face Off" on Lou Dobbs. Pretty cool. And I got excited when it was cool outside and I actually needed a jacket last night and this morning. I thought I may actually open a window or the porch door and enjoy the beginning of fall weather. Then, reality hit me that my city stinks and I couldn't do that. Seriously, it stinks so bad that I can't have fresh air in my house to enjoy (at least not most of the time). So, I have to settle for enjoying man-made fall smells from my Pumpkin Spice wallflower in my living room. I'm just glad it is finally cooling off!

**Update on Scout as the office dog: He has become a morning person like his Mommy! We have gotten into a routine now, when we come into the building and start to take the stairs (because someone won't take the elevator)I let him off his leash and he races to the 4th floor while I lag behind. Then we meet at the top and he runs into the office so excited and goes to see who is there. If no one is there yet, he will lay in the floor where he can see the door and wait for people to come in and greet them. He likes to play ball.run.play.bark all first thing when he gets there. I think he loves it! His favorite thing is to show out during staff meetings when everyone is together. He gets his toy (what used to be a sock monkey that is now just shreds of fabric, and gets in the middle of everyone and shakes the toy in his mouth for a minute and then goes around to everyone sniffing and seeing if anyone will put a cup of coffee on the ground so he can steal a drink really fast!

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  1. Glad to hear that you're doing well. Glad the concert was awesome!