Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 Days!!!! *New Video*

I was so excited about this video and it gave me chills, I thought I would share! Here in the South, football is a religion. Seriously. The best friend that I told you about who just got engaged? Well, we were talking yesterday about when her wedding would be. She wanted a Spring wedding. Well, all of her fiance's groomsmen are in the Minor Leagues so, Spring is out, unless she wants an all girl wedding. Then we discussed Fall. This can only happen if it is planned around Alabama and Florida football. Seriously y'all, when I say I am not kidding that we are serious about this stuff, we aren't. Football season defines life in the fall and it is anticipated all year long! I was once in a wedding that started late because Alabama went into overtime. Not kidding. Anyway, 2 days till my weekends revolve around pigskin. If you don't think I am serious, watch the video, it will give you a small glimpse of what I mean. Roll Tide!