Monday, June 29, 2009

Not me Monday/ Running on Fumes

Well, as I mentioned last night with my post, I was at work all weekend and last night. Late. Very Late. 4:00 am late (or is that early). As you can see from the picture, this is the clock when I walked into my bedroom after coming home. 4:07 am. Needless to say, being at work at, I mean around 8 was NOT fun. As a matter of fact, it was very hard. I am yawning as I type, and I have hit the backspace button approximately 4,119,827 times already in this post because my fingers are not working. Period. Neither are my eyes. Because this is what I was staring at at 1, 2, 3, and 4:00 am:
Numbers. A LOT of them Percentages to be exact. Let me remind you that I am not a math whiz, or a computer genius and now, you would think that I was a statistical machine who was in love with writing macros in Excel. I majored in political science and communications. Two totally different things. Ha. I did take the opportunity to wear a great University of Alabama t-shirt to work today, since you know getting 3 hours of sleep allows us the chance to dress down even more than we already do. It is getting me pumped up for football season. And now that July is almost here, that means football season is just around the corner! Yay! I can't wait! Football season is going to be very interesting this year. I went to Alabama and my brother went to Auburn, so I have always been used to the sweet, friendly little rivalry that we always have going on every year, but this year will be a little bit different. J went to Auburn with my brother! It is one thing to have a rivalry with your big bro, smack talk is easy, we'll see how it goes! It should still be LOTS of fun and I am definitely looking forward to football season and football parties!!! (If you aren't from the South, or from Alabama, you may not know the deep in state rivalry between THE University of Alabama and auburn university, but it is a big one, and lasts all year long.)

Anyway, sorry about the tangent on football, wearing the shirt this morning got me very excited. Back to my weekend. Since I had to go into work I actually had to stay in town this weekend (this is the first weekend I have done this since the end of April). I got up EARLY on Saturday and got all of my chores done by 9 am. (I had to come into work, get my oil changed and car washed, and clean the house just a little) I then got to play all day. I was in a crafty/creative mood, so when I got home I did a little art project (pictures to come) and even broke out the chalk pastels and charcoal. I had a good afternoon listening to music and being a little creative. I even finished the book My Sister's Keeper (which is good and is not out in theaters).

Sunday, I came into work early again and then decided to iron all the clothes my mom set aside as "you can't wear these until you iron them." I decided I would go ahead while I had the time and nothing else to do. So, I ironed and watched a movie, The Secret Life of Bees. Then, I went into work around 9 pm Sunday and left around 4 am Monday and that brings me back to where I am right now. Tired, running on little sleep, and at work.

Now, if you are here for Not Me Monday. I guess I have already given up everything I did this weekend. But here are a few.....

- This weekend, I did NOT wake up at 4:30 am both Saturday and Sunday and get up to watch the sunrise! It is the weekend, I would have most certainly slept in!
- While coming into work on said Saturday and Sunday mornings, I did NOT stay a few extra minutes to read blogs and catch up with everyone's lives when I could have promptly gone home.
- I am not SO excited about the coming weekend certainly did NOT lay out my clothes and start packing my bags! Why in the world would I start doing that a week in advance?
- I am so not so obsessed with the social media world (Twitter, blogging, etc.) that it has not been one of the first things I do when I wake up in the mornings to check all of the above websites (from my phone before I even get out of bed). NOT Me!

I hope you have enjoyed this long and rambling post, and my half-way NOT ME MONDAY. I will try to post some pictures from my craft project as soon as I take some more. Have a great week!


  1. ha, i KNOW you are tired my dear but you forgot to capitalize the A and U in Auburn University :) haha. lol. just some more friendly rivalry.

  2. Ooops....must have been a slight oversight on my part! ;) HAHA