Thursday, June 18, 2009


Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. ~ 1 Timothy 4:11-13

Are any of you like me and do your best thinking in the shower? I feel like I do, and I often wonder why that is? I have no clue and I don't wanna figure it out really, I just thought it was cool. They should really invent something (I'm sure someone already has) that will allow you to write things down that you think of while you are soapy and soaking wet in the shower. You are probably asking yourself "Why in the world is she telling us about thinking and writing stuff down in the shower?"
Well, glad you asked, I will just have to tell you......

Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut. Everything just goes around and it is the same day in and day out. You know you are bored and you want or need things to change, we just get so comfortable with the way things are that we don't do anything about it. Well, that was kinda happening to me. I mean, sure everything is going along fine in my life. I have a college education, a decent job, I am independent, and generally happy. I have great friends (although I have recently scaled down and gotten selective with those) a great family, and the cutest dog ever if I must say so myself, and it seems that everything is right where it should be. I can't really complain. Sure, there are always things we would change but all in all, things are just fine.

Well, as you may know from my past posts that I was recently out of commission really because of being sick. Sometimes, I think it takes something to make us be still and realize what we should really be thankful for. Since I have been better, I feel like I have generally become a happier person. It may have something to do with a few changes I have recently made in my life with making/changing relationships with people of all kinds, but I think that I have really, for once just stopped to open my eyes to everything that I am so very lucky to have. Sometimes, I think we forget about them and take them for granted.

Since I started reading blogs and being on FB and Twitter, I realize just how lucky I am. I read stories of people who are single dads like Matt Logelin, people who have children that they have lost like Vickie and Angie, and people who have children who have suffered like Kelly and Jennifer. Even though all of these people come from so many different places, I honestly have found myself incorporating them into my daily life. Whether it be daily checking their blogs to see what is going on, or having something remind me of them and their story, or even just being able to have a conversation with people who know their stories as well, or making sure I keep them in my prayers. That is what I was thinking about in the shower. Even though we live in this great big, huge world, there are so many people who are so much like us. Nice people too, compassionate. I know there are just as many bad ones, but I am not gonna count them. I think it is amazing how our technology has been able to bring so many people together for so many things. Look at Twitter, it has helped save someone from suicide, and it is creating a revolution for a country most Americans love to hate, Iran. Isn't this how everything is supposed to be working? Aren't we supposed to be caring, loving and helpful to our neighbors? Treating others as we would want them to treat us? Isn't this how it used to be, when people would help each other at their houses and give things away to people who needed them, cook for people, give them sugar when they were baking a cake. It seems to me (and maybe I am being so naiive) that that revolution is happening and in a big way. There are people EVERYWHERE who are starting to do this. It is pretty exciting. (And I know that I am not the first one to have realized this.)

That was my revolution in the shower. It made me really happy. I thought I would share. Maybe I am going through educational withdrawals because I am not in school anymore and haven't really had any "profound" thinking experiences in a while, or maybe it is just me getting a new outlook on life. Either way, it is cool, and I like it, and I hope you pick it up!


  1. Becky I totally understand where you where you are coming from! I think it might take a somewhat profound experience for us to realize things sometimes... I know I have done a lot of thinking myself lately! It was so great to see you and Jeff yesterday. I can't tell you how happy y'all have made my family. They just loved both of you and I hope we get to do it again soon!!!

  2. I totally agree - sometimes it takes big or hard things to make us think about the important thing . . . or showers, those work too :-)