Monday, June 22, 2009

What a weekend!

Wow, I had a crazy, busy, awesome, fun-filled weekend!! I really need to start getting my camera out more! I always have it with me, I just don't ever use it! With as much as I say I need to start using it, you would think I would learn! Oh well, I guess that just means I will have to tell you......

Friday, I made the trip to Huntsville again for a few reasons.....but one was to escape the heat that is consuming south Alabama in June! Seriously, you can't walk outside if you think you may want to breathe because the air will be taken from you. You can however go outside if you want to feel like you are cooking and want to be dripping with sweat just for going outside. It. Is. HOT. And it is only JUNE. My car said 111 on Friday when I got in my car to make the journey north. Way. Too. Hot.

Anyway, enough about the heat, there is nothing I can, I went to Huntsville Friday and started the weekend with my parents and J at a local Mexican restaurant, Phil Sandivals! It is MY FAVORITE and I try to go there when I am in town because I like their fish tacos! Anyway, it was good and lots of fun! J and I then went across the street to Rosie's (another Mexican place) and got a margarita! It was a lot of fun to just relax after a long car ride and a hot day!

Saturday, J and I spent the day at Bridgestreet and running around town. We had lunch at Surin (a local Thai place) and it was better than I remembered! It was so good! I could eat their coconut milk soup everyday and never get tired of it! We then got ready and drove to Florence to meet J's sister so he could surprise his dad. He hasn't seem him in over 20 years and didn't know J was coming! It was SO much fun! I am glad I got to be part of it and their family was so excited to see him (some of them had never met him). He looks just like his dad and they couldn't get over how handsome J was (of course, because he is and there is no denying that, you should see him). They grilled steaks and potatoes and had more food than you could imagine (along with yummy homemade ice cream)! We got to spend time with Jessica (J's sister) and Dorothy (Jessica's mom). They are the ones who pulled the whole thing off and kept it a surprise for J's dad! (He thought he was getting a delivery from Lowe's and opened his eyes to see J there). Some delivery from Lowe's! HAHA It was a memory I will never forget! They are such a sweet family and I can't wait to get together again! After we were so stuffed, we drove back to Huntsville and spent the evening having a Dos Equis and visiting with my family!

Sunday, we hung out, grilled burgers and made some peanut butter icecream with Resee's Cups! Oh my goodness, this was the best ice cream EVER! Then, we all had to go back to reality and drive home. :( That is always the worst part of a good weekend....leaving. But, June is almost over, so the summer is flying by already. Next up: The 4th of July! That should prove to be a wonderful weekend as well!

Now that it is Monday, I went to the doctor for my check-up. He said everything is going better than he expected. I still have little hearing in my right ear, but it is better than last time. There was nothing on the MRI which is good, and now only time will tell. We just have to wait and let things run their coarse and get better as they will. Even if my hearing doesn't get better in that ear, it will be ok, I have kind of adjusted to hearing things like that and I don't think it will bother me too much! So, here is to a great week! Hope you all have a good one!


  1. What a fun weekend! They sound like a great family! haha. For the hundreth time, SO glad y'all came! We better see y'all again soon!!

  2. They are a great family! HAHA :)

    You will see us again soon!