Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, we find ourselves in another Friday! This week (here in the South) school started back for most, so there is a lot more traffic in the morning and less people out during lunch. I miss school! I was always so excited for school to start back from the time I was in kindergarten to the time I graduated college. I really did love it. And I loved everything about it.

One thing I do miss is friends though. When I was in high school, I didn't hang around the same people I did in elementary and junior high, and when I went to college, I lost touch with most of the people from high school. And now that I am out of college, I have lost touch with a lot of my friends from college (minus a few of my bests). But it is so funny how people change and grow over the years, and how we really come full circle. Lately, I have reconnected with a few friends that I had way back when in elementary and middle school, and it is so neat to see how much we have changed. People go down so many different paths to get where they are going, but somehow, paths usually always cross again. It is so funny (the whole 6 degrees of separation thing). But I must say, i am enjoying it. The other day, I was given a prayer request through Footprints Ministry that I told you about in this post, and it was for a baby here in Montgomery in the NICU. I went to his parent's blog and saw a picture of his mom, and realized that she was my dance team sponsor and a teacher when I was a Freshman in high school! Crazy how we ended up in the same town (4 hours from where we started) and I crossed paths with her 10 years later through a ministry! Don't you love when things like that happen? I sure do. It has been fun reconnecting with people from my past! Have any of you reconnected with people lately that you have built new friendships with??

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend, it is Friday, so this weekend I am traveling to Huntsville for an adventurous weekend. What? You thought I was done traveling for a while? Do you honestly thing I would stay at home for 2 weekends in a row?? Not. A. Chance. ;) Happy weekend!


  1. I hope you already know this, but I have LOVED reconnecting with you through our blogs. I loved running into you on campus in college...and it's been a treat to have our paths cross again, sweet friend.

  2. Happy Friday to you! It is funny how people fall out of touch, but reconnect! Have a great weekend!

  3. I use to live in Huntsville! You should go visit the Rocket Center!

  4. It's always so nice to re-connect with old friends and remember all the goofy things we use to do.

    I live in another country now, so all I have is my messenger and some hardly log on but when they do we chat for hours!