Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday..Fun Day!

Hello there! It is Monday again already! Quickly....I tried to update the picture that accompanies my last post, so let me know if it worked and you can see the picture!!

Now, on to my weekend. I left work Friday and went to Nashville. It was pretty late when I got there, so not much was done besides watching a few old school video games being played and relaxing. Saturday, was a day of shopping and then an art show to see this guy who is one of J's friends. Since I am plugging artists today, have i told you that J is also an artist? Well, he is, you can see his work here. Can I just stop and say that the weather was absolutely wonderful in Music City this weekend. Saturday night being outside was perfect, it was slightly cool and there was a great breeze, it was great! Then we went and grabbed a drink and went to a dinner party. I learned a lot.....from an old drunk man...AKA Captain Tinsley.

Here is what I learned:
- I do not like Drambuie (yes, even though the recipe is a secret and has been for centuries)
- You can capture a crowd if you talk a little bit of non-sense.
- People will listen to you if you if you wear a band hat with Jesus and smiles drawn on it.
- J has great hair.
- Having a "women's tea party" with wine and being a grown adult is kinda fun.
- Jesus turns frowns upside down.
Sunday, we cooked, J played football, and I cleaned and laid in the sun and read my book, and napped. Scout enjoyed Nashville too. :)

Now, I am super tired, having woken up at 3:15 am to drive from Huntsville to Montgomery in order to work today. Luckily I am not a surgeon and no one's life depends on me performing well at my job. For now, I am drinking coffee, listening to relaxing music, working by lamp light and enjoying my soy candle. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for another week ahead! Hope it is a good one!


  1. I agree that the grown up "tea" parties are a pretty good thing. Haha - have a great week.

  2. You're sunday seemed like a lot of fun!

  3. I LOVE Nashville! Sounds like you make the trip up there a lot...maybe next time I'm there I'll run into you.