Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wipe Out

Ok, so this morning I was listening to the radio and they were giving the "Entertainment Report" and after the announcement that Brooks and Dunn are ceasing their partnership, the guy made a crack that at least they weren't running out of toilet paper like Cuba. I thought, that was a weird joke, am I missing something? People around me have been talking about a lot of poop lately so I thought that I heard him wrong. Well, I get to work and me being the habitual Googler that I am, googled "Cuban toilet paper shortage". Now, some of you are laughing at me, but some of you just copied and pasted that into your browser to see what I am talking about. People, Cuba is running out of toilet paper because of the poor economy. I don't know why I thought this was so funny, but I did and I am sharing it with you. Of all things to run short of...toilet paper? Seriously. I am not shitting you. (HA) I had to throw that in there (even though I absolutely hate that phrase and don't get it). Yahoo! says that Cuba's economy is so bad that they are having to cut down on the importation of certain goods (even some necessities) and that even though they have the means to make their own T.P. they just simpley can't afford to spend the money. They are having to wait until the end of the year until they can start spending more money on importations. Wow. Can you imagine what would happen in America if we ran out of toilet paper? Not only would we not be able to use it like it supposed to be used, but teenagers and Auburn University fans wouln't know what to throw in the trees. Come on, who hasn't rolled a yard or had their yard rolled? I think we had it down to an art. And if you are from Auburn, you get accustom to this practice quickly. Maybe Cubans could just visit Toomer's Corner.
Yes, that is right. At Auburn University, right down the road, they roll a tree on campus after every game won. They could certainly share some of that with people who need to wipe their butts in Cuba. Now, that we have talked about toilet paper, or lack there of, I hope you have a Happy Tuesday. Be thankful for your toilet paper.


  1. Oh my gosh...I am laughing...hysterically laughing. I think I just may have to revisit this story again tonight when I'm ready to poke my eyeballs out after a day of door songs!

  2. It will definitely bring some laughter through the ringing ears of door songs!! I hope rush is going well though!! :)