Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Your name is what???

Well, it is now Tuesday and I didn't update you yesterday on my weekend...I was just really busy yesterday! But before I begin, please pray for baby Stellan (or click on the button on my sidebar)!! If you haven't already heard, he isn't doing very well, and he and his family needs all the prayers they can get.

On to my weekend.....my step-dad has been in Rome (Italy, not Georgia) for work the past week, so my mom has had the house to herself all week. Well, I decided to go to Huntsville and keep her company for the weekend. I went to Huntsville on Friday and we ended up going to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Phil Sandivals, and ate, drank, and laughed our butts off at each other. We decided to then go get one more drink before we went home. We were funny, sitting in the corner of the place people watching and looking at what some of the people were wearing. Wow, some people must not own mirrors, because if I wore some of the things that these people had on, I can't imagine what would happen!

Saturday, we decided to get up and go to a few places we wanted to visit. (But not before a trip to the Farmer's Market, I think I do this every Saturday no matter what city I find myself in) We wanted to go to this place in Mooresville for lunch. It is the cutest place ever, they even rent the whole town out for weddings! It is just so cute and pretty! Well, we actually talked to the man outside (owner) who said they were getting ready for a wedding that night. He introduced himself and I think I choked on my breath and laughed out loud at the poor man. He introduced himself as J.G. His name was the same as J!! First and Last! Then, the man said, well, at least he doesn't live in Nashville, because that is where I work. I said, funny you say that because, he does. It was very funny! Then, we left and drove over to Decatur and found this shop that my mom was looking for to get a new purse (that was the goal of the weekend, and it never happened). We didn't get a purse, but we found a new shop we liked! We also went to this place in Decatur called CF Penn. It is a hamburger place downtown. They have been open for over 80 years, so we assumed they must be good. Well, the burger wasn't what we thought it was going to be and we just couldn't bring ourselves to eat much of them. The onion rings were good, but they didn't have a single napkin in the place! And we basically had grease dripping down our arms, it was an experience. But I must say, not that I have been, once is probably enough for me. We left Decatur and drove back to Huntsville and went to Bridgestreet for some shopping. I got some cute stuff from a new shop called Papaya. Then we went to my grandparents to shuck corn and shell peas for our lunch the next day. We ended the night with people watching, sushi and martinis. And lots of laughter!

Sunday, we did the mountain of laundry I brought home, and cooked for our lunch with my grandparents. On the menu: ham, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, corn, peas, and homemade peanut butter ice cream!! I also got to see my new baby cousin, Abbie and play with Gracie! It was a great Sunday! Then, we picked up my dad from the airport, home from Rome. (But not before murdering a bird with the Tahoe on the way....HAHA) We had such a great weekend with just the two of us! We needed that! Here's to a great week!

Side note: I am very glad that the Bachelorette is finally over. I don't think Jill and Ed will stay together. And I think ABC needs to make the people who leave or get sent home stay gone. Don't come back people, you only make yourself look like an idiot. And the thousands of people who were going to seek you out since you were single, aren't going to anymore! I am anxious to hear about the "After the Final Rose" tonight.


  1. It is something that Kelly Ann started. Running, walking, treadmilling, biking, etc 2 miles a day for 10 days. I am the kind of person that needs the extra motivation.

  2. Just started reading your blog and love it! Too cute.