Monday, July 20, 2009


Well, it is Monday again and I am SO exhausted! I had a very productive weekend though! Here is a quick little recap:
FRIDAY: I traveled to Nashville by way of Huntsville! This is a long trip to make after work!! I left Montgomery at 5:30 and headed to Huntsville to drop Scout (my dog) at his grandparents. He needed a little straightening out because he hasn't been listening very well this week and he always does better after a trip to the grandparents! HAHA I FINALLY made it to Nashville and picked up J. He was out with my brother and Tommy Tutone (you know, The one who sang the song in the 80's, Jenny, who's number is ingrained in our heads: 867-5309), yeah, that one. My brother has become friends with him and they were all out. He approved of my hair (I got 8 inches cut off) and offered me a Cheeto.

SATURDAY: We got up early to get busy. We unloaded box after box and threw away LOTS of stuff. I think guys could live out of boxes if they didn't have someone helping them unpack. J called me a "slave driver" because I had to keep him on track. Who wants to unpack boxes all day when there are other things that can be done you know, like playing with your iphone or the guitar sitting next to you! Anway, we got shelves put up in the studio and some boxes unpacked. We then met my brother at the Farmer's Market for lunch and a little shopping. We got the BEST homemade bread (Zucchini) and some fresh from the farm chocolate milk! It was SO good! Then, we went home to drop off the milk and start the dinner which needed to cook in the crock pot for most of the day (yummy Indian food, did I mention J is a great cook?). Then, we went shopping for a TV and groceries and about 4 hours later, we were back to enjoy said Indian food and a movie on the new TV!

SUNDAY: We finished unpacking boxes!! (There are no more boxes full of stuff!) Then, J cooked lunch (tacos!) while I swept and mopped the floors! I left Nashville about 7 and headed back to Huntsville where I met my mom and brother at Mellow Mushroom for dinner. Then home to bed! I got up this morning about 4 to drive back in order to be at work by 8! Whew, now, I am exhausted, but ended up having a good weekend! I hope yours were all just as great! Here's to another week, I hope it goes smoothly!

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