Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, I was so busy yesterday (Monday) that I didn't get to catch you all up on my weekend. I pretty much assumed it would be pretty uneventful since I was staying home and not traveling, but I actually got a lot done. I did remember to take a few pictures to document so I wouldn't have a boring post if just words and clip art, but real pictures so you can have some accurate visuals.

I guess I will just start from the very beginning. Friday, I was so excited all day that the weekend was actually upon me, that I couldn't contain my excitement and went to bed by 8:30. Oh well, I guess I was getting myself ready to wake up at 6 am for the Farmer's Market, errands and cleaning all before noon on Saturday! Yes, I woke up by 6 Saturday and decided to go ahead and get things done so I wouldn't waste my day out in the heat! I was at the Farmer's Market by 7 am and it was packed! But I got some fresh lemons and onions and tomatoes and a pineapple and even some homemade treats for Scout. I then went to the grocery to get the rest of the things I needed that I couldn't get there. I bought a book so I would have some entertainment for the weekend, and dropped off some new jeans to be hemmed. They were too long and since I can't grow as my brother suggested, I had to get them to cut off about 5 inches!!

After I was back home (yes, before noon) I did the dishes in the sink so I could get ready to cook and cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the house. Then, I chopped my onions and tomatoes and grilled some steak to chop so I could have the ingredients to have homemade tacos when I wanted. I also bought some chicken to fix with the tacos but I decided to wait until I ran out of the steak to fix the chicken! I decided to take a nap (I did this a few times this weekend) and when I woke up I read a bit. Then it was time for dinner and I ended up making tacos for dinner. I then decided that since it was Saturday night and I was by myself I would make sure that everyone else in the neighborhood knew what a loser I was, and I went for a run. Now, I live in a "trendy" type neighborhood with a few restaurants/bars that have lots of al fresco dining. Of course, my running route takes me right past all of these nice lovely dining patrons (mostly young couples) and made myself look like a loser. Of well, at least I will be the loser who is in shape and not the one with the extra 10 pounds of guacamole dip sitting on my hips. After I was home and showered, the TV miraculously ended up on MTV and I ended up getting stuck on watching the most ridiculous show ever: "Sixteen and Pregnant." I am so ashamed to even admit that I sat there and watched as many episodes as I did (it was a marathon getting ready for the season finale on Thursday). By the time I couldn't take it anymore (or the marathon stopped, I can't remember which) It was after 11 and I decided to go to bed.

Sunday, I got up and was so lazy!! I woke up early, ate fruit and made and iced chai for breakfast, and then went back to sleep! I ate tacos for lunch, and got some supplies for my picture hanging project and then read and fell back to sleep again. By the time I woke up, it was time to start thinking about the awesome dinner I was about to fix and also see what I could do about the said picture hanging experiment. The pictures were hung, and they look great (especially after hanging for a few days). And then I started on my awesome dinner of Chicken Scallopine that I got from Pioneer Woman. After that, I was absolutely exhausted and decided to read a little more and fall asleep. Did I mention that I had to charge my phone almost twice everyday because I was on it so much?? As you can see, it was an eventful weekend even though I was stuck here and didn't get to travel. I guess those are the necessary evils of life. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Oh, how I love Chicken Scallopine. I will definetly have to check that out. In the meantime...I may have to go to Terranova and get some of theirs :) YuM!

  2. It was super easy! And oh so good! Terranova is where I got the idea! I found the recipe on Pioneer Woman and made it this weekend (enough for the week! haha) and it is so so so good!