Friday, May 29, 2009

Show us where you live Friday

Well, Today is Friday, which means Kelly is doing her "Show Us Where You Live" Blog train. Since today is Nursery/Kid Room day and I don't have children, heck I'm not even married. I will give you a glimpse into some of the ideas I have thought I might like when I have kids one I am sure this will change, but what girl does not think about these things....

For a girl:
I am a big black and white fan, so I think I would like a black and white nursery with baby pink accents. I definitely want black furniture for either a boy or a girl. So, if I am not being practical, I absolutely LOVE round cribs. Again, this is not practical at all, but I would love something like this:

But if I am being practical, I would go for something like this:

I would like to decorate with black and white pictures, and a black and white vase with pink cala lilies! I also have my very first pair of pink ballet shoes that I would like to frame in a shadow box!

For a boy:
I would go with the same type furniture and do blue and green or maybe red. Still the black and white pictures and theme.
I would also have to add some sort of frog something in either room (something that would match) because I LOVE frogs and they are somewhere in every room of my house now! Well, hope you enjoyed my ideas, sorry I don't have much for ya, it is hard when you don't have kids! HA! :) Happy Friday! Go visit Kelly's Blog for more pictures of other rooms!!


  1. Well, your blog is cute - I enjoyed reading. Someday, you'll have a really cute baby room. You have some great ideas.

  2. Oh cool. . .we lived in T'town for years, then B'ham, then moved to the beach. I went to Shelton, but never made it to UA. My SIL and BIL are alums though, and I think my husband may be the biggest UA fan ever! Roll Tide!

  3. You have great taste and I'm sure that one day you will have fantatic nurseries and kids rooms! I'm from the Decatur area in N. AL. It's cool to meet others in the bloggy world who are from this area!

  4. I love your inspiration pictures! :-) great taste!