Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance as though no one is watching.....

So, Sunday was Mother's day, and since I don't live near my family, we celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday! My mom and I did what all mothers and daughters do...shop and eat! :) Seriously, it was a good day, I think she enjoyed it! (I know I did)
On Mother's Day, Sunday, I took the time to enjoy the day and being lazy! I slept a little late (not on purpose) and missed church. But, after that, I just cooked myself (and Scout, my dog) breakfast, enjoyed the weather on my screened porch, and literally sat around and lounged all day. It was so nice for a change. I did manage to get some cleaning done (like the dishes), but other than that, it was a lazy day!

Anyway, at some point, after watching all the movies I could stand on Lifetime and ABC Family, and I was trying to get myself motivated to clean, I decided to turn off the TV and turn on my iTunes and jam. Now, if you know me, you know that I am a notorious "microphone singer" and I make a microphone out of random objects whether it be my hand curled into a fist, a hairbrush, a remote control, or whatever. Anyway, I was getting myself motivated to clean and ended up breaking into a "microphone song" and dance, much like the infamous scene from Risky Business...... I was having a good ole time. Scout was out on the porch enjoying a bone, so I had the door open that leads to the porch. (Side note: my porch faces the street and I have houses across the street.) I finished singing and dancing to my song and decided to check on Scout, I went and looked out on the porch only to notice that the neighbors across the street (a lady and her husband) were looking my way. I was instantly embarrassed because I knew they had probably scene my little routine....oh well, not much I can do about it now, I just waved. Now, when I see them, at least they know that I can let loose, maybe they will speak more often! :)

Hope my little embarrassing story helped brighten your day. And if you are laughing at me, it is ok. You aren't the first one, and I sometimes laugh at myself, as I do this little "song and dance" often whether it be at home or in my car...I just can't help it! ;)

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