Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette

I have lots to write "aboot" today! First regarding Jillian as the new bachelorette...I like her, I really do. However, I found it so hard to watch all of the guys! None of them really stood out in a good way, only the bad ones! Maybe it is just because it is the weird first night goofiness, but come on? Some of these guys are a little beyond weird!

Here is a highlight on the ones I didn't much care for:
1. Brian: He is from Atlanta (but grew up in Alabama, unfortunately). Anyway, he made a point to let Jillian know that he was from Alabama, and "we have trailor parks and all that, that is how we roll." Seriously? Are you going to go on national television trying to impress a girl, and talk about the types of residences that are found in your state? Can't you think of something else to say to her when the guy on her other side is talking about Paris?? He must not "parlez vous francais." and only speaks dumb butt redneck from Alabama. (Thankfully he didn't get a rose.)
2. Tanner P.: He grossed me out from the moment I saw the preshow highlights about him and his foot fetish. DIS-GUS-TING!! Oh! my! good! ness! This is so gross, you should have been not allowed on the show. Don't they screen these people?? He is CURAZY (and he may be gay)!!! I may be partial because I once had a crazy man ask to see my toes once when I was younger and it has scarred me for life and I HATE FEET! (Unfortunately, this crazy got a rose.)

Well, as much as I didn't think I would watch, I did. I better get more into it or I won't be watching it for long this season. And the guys better start stepping it up, there are no stand-outs just yet!


  1. I agree. There were some real wierdos on the show. On the other hand, I really like Jake and Michael!

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