Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears...(or at least your armor)

Well, this weekend, I went to Huntsville for Whistlestop to see my brother and his band play. Well, little did I know that it would rain the minute I got there until the minute I left there! Whew, it was a wet weekend! The concert got rained out and the Whistlestop BBQ Festival was canceled on Friday night. Well, my brother decided that he wasn't going to let it get him down because there were lots of people who had come from out of town to see him besides me....

So, Chris and Andrew decided to move their concert to Andrew's loft, which is right downtown a couple of blocks from the original spot. They had to modify their show a bit to be an acoustic set, but it still turned out to be a lot if fun. We ended up having fun there and around the corner at Mason's then back to Andrew's and the roof. We even ended up dragging out Andrew's Roman soldier garb and everyone was taking pictures with it...it ended up being a good time despite the rain and missed concert.

Anyway, I am bummed that it was cold and rainy. I am thankful for my Lucky jeans that I wore (you can read about them in the last post). They came in very, very handy! :)But, other than that, it was a great weekend and a great time spent with family and friends.

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