Thursday, July 29, 2010

What do I say?

For months now I have been consumed with planning a wedding, a honeymoon, moving, and settling into a new life and routine. Now, the wedding is over. The honeymoon has come and gone. I have moved, although I am not quite settled. We have wedding remnants all over the house. Most of which includes gifts that need to be put away or returned, mints that were our favors, stacks of thank-you notes that are to be sent, address lists and a few other wedding things. Not that much left. As a matter of fact, hopefully after today, there won't be much at all.

Last night Emory and I were talking about the blog and he said, what are you going to blog about now? You have been talking about the wedding and honeymoon for a long time now, and now that it is all over, what are you going to talk about? I said, well, I guess just life. I mean it still goes on right? Even though I don't have any big plans or things coming up, life still goes on.

So, with that being said. I hope you all stick with me while I journey through life. I guess it is going to be fun to watch me navigate through life now as a wife. My first biggest hurdle: getting out of bed. If I can get used to that, I will be doing good. I mentioned it yesterday, but it is still getting to me. I used to get up every morning easily. I am big about getting up quickly and easily. I cook Emory breakfast and have some coffee then get on with my day. Now, I am having the hardest time getting out of bed. I need some motivation!

Well, I can't believe it is Thursday already! I am trying to finish my to do list today. I am going to be going to the beach this weekend for my BFF's bachelorette weekend. It should be really fun! But, I will miss my husband! This is our first time to be apart since we got married! But, it is just for the weekend! While I am at the beach, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Thanks again for sticking with me! Can't wait to see where life takes us!


  1. I will definitly continue you reading about your live as a newlywed!! You could do a special post about being a southern belle for me lol! The unpredictabilities of life Im sure will give you lots of things to blog about and all the adventures that you encounter in your everyday life!

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  4. I'm sure you're life will be full of more great journeys!