Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Honeymoon (Trying Again) - Part 1

Ok, since we know have internet, I am hoping blogger will cooperate with me and allow me to upload some pictures for you!!

On the first leg of our trip (there were three), we flew into Nice, France and took a limo (yes a limo, prearranged by my sweet husband) from the airport to the hotel about 15 minutes up the mountain outside of Nice. We went to a sleepy little town called Villafranche Sur Mer, France. Google it, you will love the pictures, and you can see the location. Anyway, we decided before we went that we wanted to really experience things in France. So instead of choosing all Westernized hotels that we were used to, we chose local hotels that had great ratings. We made the BEST choice in our first hotel, La Fiancee du Pirate. It was a cute little hotel that was run by the sweetest couple ever! They let us check in to our bungalow (yes, we had a private bungalow, again thanks to the sweet husband) at 8 am because our flight landed so early! But I am SO glad that we were able to do that! Since this was my first trip to Europe, it was also my first experience with a 9 hour flight! It actually wasn't too bad, but I was super tired. We decided that it wouldn't be worth our while to try to stay up and we had absolutely nothing to do, so we went straight to sleep for about 4 hours when we got there, and we didn't have a problem with jetlag the whole rest of the trip!!

So, like I said, we were on the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. The views each morning were absolutely breathtaking. We took it so easy during the first leg and just relaxed, forgot about everything, and really just enjoyed each other! I mean how could you not when every night walking to dinner (down a really steep hill and through the residential parts) we saw this:

Or even this:

And then, when we got to a seaside cafe every night for at least one bottle of wine and dinner, everything looked like this:

Then, we would stroll over to the Mediterranean Sea, stand in it for a photo-op and get pictures like this:

Here is one of the old town:

Needless to say, we didn't have a care in the world. The views were beautiful. The food was great. The people were so nice. We were totally and completely in love (I mean we still are, but it was SO new). We had the BEST time here. We were sad to leave when we did, but hopefully we will be going back very very soon! ;) (Ok, soon enough!)


  1. Aw! You guys look so happy! The pictures are great! It sounds like an amazing time.

  2. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking!!! You two are so cute :).

  3. How wonderful! Such beautiful surroundings, wow! Glad you both enjoyed it!!

  4. oh my gosh how amazing!!! i'd love to visit euroupe some day...xoxo