Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Blog - Post 2 - Wedding Day

After going to bed rather quickly on Friday night, I woke up bright and early on Saturday SO excited! My mom and Carlie made sure I remembered what day it was, so they sang wedding show tunes to me! Ha! It was cute, and just added to my excitement! For my bridesmaids' gifts, I gave them a cute bag with their initials filled with wedding day essentials such as flip-flops tied with ribbons, a make-up bag, tissues, lip gloss,a tank that I made that said "bridesmaid" and note cards. It may have had more things in there, but I just can't remember at the moment! I wish I had taken a picture of them, but I simply forgot!

Anyway, I made myself a tank top as well that said "Property of the Groom" on the front and "I DO" on the back. It was fun to wear it on the wedding day to get ready. Anyway, back on track....Carlie and I got ready (I must add that I took the LONGEST, BEST shower that day because I was just literally soaking it all in. I wanted to remember every moment and enjoy every second of my day! This started it all off wonderfully! Anyway, after we got ready, we headed to the nail place again, this time just for her. We got her a manicure and pedicure oh and chik-fil-a first for breakfast. Then, I had a hair appointment at 11:30. Funny little thing, Carlie and I got done with the nails early and didn't want to go home just to come back, so we did what every girl would do, we went shopping!! :)I thought that it was funny, the morning of my wedding, we were SHOPPING! Really, we were just wasting time and didn't buy anything, but it was still funny!

All day long, I was just so happy and excited! Not once did I get nervous, not once did I cry. I was cool, calm and collected all day! It was literally the best day ever! Everyone kept asking me how I was keeping so calm! But I must say that I was just SO excited that it was my wedding day finally, I was getting married to the most wonderful man on the planet, and all of the hectic planning that my mom and I had been doing was finally all together and the day was HERE and better than expected!! :)

After I got my hair done, it was time for the girls to come over and get ready. The photographers were there and my mom's BFF came over and had lunch for us ready. We ate lunch and started our make-up. Everything was still so happy and calm. Again, it couldn't have been better. Then, it was time for us to head to the church so I could put my dress on, the girls could put theirs on, and we could start taking pictures. I was SO ready to put my dress on! I couldn't wait to have it on, since I knew I could only wear it once! After I got my dress on, we started taking pictures. I just could not stop smiling. I was SO anxious to see Emory though, but I must say, the day went by SO fast! By the time I was done taking pictures with just me, my girls, the groomsmen and a few with my family, it was time to hide so everyone could get in the church and we could get started!!!! My mom and I didn't have to worry about anything on the wedding day. Everything was decorated and just beautiful! I had a harpist, and as soon as I heard the chime on the harp for "Hear Comes the Bride," my smile got even bigger and I was on my way to see my groom! I absolutely could not wait!!

After I was in the church and my dad gave me away, everything went by so quickly. Amy (Emory's sister) read some bible verses, my brother (emotionally) played guitar and sang a song, then it was our turn to say our vows, exchange rings, and kiss. We were presented as Mr. and Mrs. During the WHOLE thing, we both had the biggest grins on our faces! We literally couldn't stop smiling! We were both so excited! Everyone kept saying that we were the two happiest/smiliest people ever! It was so cute!

Everything went just as planned, everything was smooth, beautiful and everyone was SO HAPPY! There were storms all around us, but it didn't rain one drop during the day where we were! So, without further adieu, here are some pictures I have stolen from people's facebooks...we don't have the professional pictures back yet, but I am sure when we get them, that will be a whole other post!! Enjoy!


  1. love the tank top idea!! so cute! My mom gave me a hoodie at my bridal shower that said on the back Mrs. Powers est. 6-19-2010

  2. You looked gorgeous!! I can't believe how calm you were. I hope I'm that calm, ya know whenever I actually get engaged and all. ;)

  3. I love your dress! It sounds like it was a fantastic day!

  4. WOW!! you looked flawless and simply gorgeous!!! i LOVE your dress!! it's amazing! :)