Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wedding Blog 1 - Rehearsal Dinner

I think the last time I talked about the wedding before it happened, I was worried about how slowly the week of the wedding would actually go. Well, surprisingly, it didn't drag by like I thought it would! It actually flew by and before I knew it, rehearsal day was upon us! Emory and I actually spent the morning with his best man and his wife shopping for The University of Alabama apparel for them since they were out of town and can't get it where they are from! It made the day fly by and pretty soon, I was getting my nails done with one of my bridesmaids and getting calls and texts from the wedding party that they were on their way, some almost there and some stuck in traffic, but everyone was definitely on the way! We had a few issues with the tuxes not fitting and some of the ties weren't what they were supposed to be, but in the end, everything worked out.

My mom and step dad headed to the church early to clean it up and start setting the few things up that we were bringing. Emory and I were there shortly after, most all of the wedding party showed up (besides two that were stuck in traffic from Atlanta) but rehearsal went smoothly and quickly and everyone knew what to do for Saturday. Everyone was so excited that the atmosphere was great. We all headed to the hotel where most people were staying so we could have the rehearsal dinner (we had it catered by a BBQ place that was famous where we went to college and all of our wedding party went to the same college, so it was only fitting. We gave out our presents and then our maid of honor and best man gave the cutest speeches ever. We couldn't have been happier with our wedding party and the way everyone just meshed and got along!

After the dinner, we decided we would all go our for some drinks to just relax and to just get to know everyone. Some of them had never met, and I had never met 2 of the groomsmen. So, we all got some drinks and had the best time ever. There were no nerves and everyone was hanging out like we had known each other forever. It couldn't have been more perfect!! It was getting close to midnight, so Emory and I had to go our separate ways. Wes and Liz took Emory home and Carlie came with me to my parents' house. We stayed up talking about what the next day was going to bring, but thanks to a couple of drinks, we were able to go to sleep rather quickly! Which was a good thing, considering the next day was going to be a busy one!!
Here is a picture someone snapped of the girls at the rehearsal dinner. Sorry all of us look less than our best, but everyone had been traveling, it was the end of the night, and it was HOT! (Did I mention the church had no A/C?)

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