Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking back.....

I realize that it is the sixth day into the new year, but I am still so excited that 2010 is upon us. But this morning, I was reading blogs and I came across a post by Justine and she recapped the last DECADE of her life, since you know, we started a new one and all. So, I thought this would be a good idea. I have to keep my mind on something other than Football! (There is a BIG GAME tomorrow involving my Tide playing Texas for our 13th National Championship title) it goes:

1. I began my sophomore year in high school and was 15.
2. My parents were divorced.
3. I ran for an SGA office in high school and was elected.

1. I turned 16 in August and got my first car in October.
2. I was a junior in high school.
3. I was going to go to Auburn because that is where my brother went to school.
4. My step-dad's father passed away around my birthday.
5. I started my first job at a daycare.
6. My dad remarried in the fall.

1. I began my senior year at 17.
2. I was involved in EVERYTHING I could be at school.
3. I visited The University of Alabama in October and decided I couldn't go anywhere else.
4. I wrecked my first car in July and had a memorable story of hitting a car full of strippers.

1. I graduated high school and.
2. I had an internship at a local television station.
3. I started college and pledged a sorority, Alpha Delta Pi.
4. I met my very best friend, Jennifer.
5. My mom remarried in March.
6. I went on a trip to Washington, DC with government team and decided I wanted to work in politics.
7. I went to New York, and got my tonsils out.
8. I got my first tattoo.

1. I began my sophomore year in college.
2. I had an internship with my step dad.
3. I had my second wreck on I-65 in Birmingham.
4. I moved into the sorority house and out of my dorm after Christmas.

1. I interned in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill.
2. I began my junior year at Alabama.
3. I got my second tattoo.
4. Hurricane Katrina happened the day after my birthday.

1. I got Scout.
2. I started my Senior year at Alabama.
3. I went to Cancun, Mexico for the first time.
4. I moved into my first apartment.
5. Had surgery on my foot and was in a cast for the start of school.

1. I graduated from Alabama.
2. I started my first job in Montgomery, AL.
3. I went to Cancun, Mexico for the second time.

1. I bought my first car.
2. I learned that I was going to work on the 2008 Presidential campaign team.
3. President Obama was elected.
4. Visited Chicago. And froze.

1. Met E., which changed everything.
2. Travelled a lot on the weekends.
3. Ran my first 5k.
4. Had Bell's Palsy in June.

The past decade has gone by SO fast, everything almost runs together! I am so glad a new year and a fresh start is upon us! I PROMISE (well, kind of) this is the last time I will talk about the new year. I need to mention my thoughts on The Bachelor (although I may save this for a few more weeks) as well as The Biggest Loser, which I must say, made me cry last night!! Hope you all have a great DECADE! In the mean time, ROLL TIDE ROLL!


  1. How fun to look back at the past 10 years! A whole decade!! OH my..... enjoy the one that lies ahead of us!! :-)

  2. I think it's going to be a great decade for you!!!

  3. My husband and I are all geared up for the game! We have our Alabama vs Texas shirts and our Alabama drinking glasses all ready for tomorrow :)

  4. what a great decade you have had little lady!!
    i wish you nothing but the best in 2010! :)
    enjoy the game tonight!