Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday

It is Sunday and it had been rainy and dreary here all weekend. I got some necessary errands done yesterday and even started going through all of my clothes. I ironed,and got rid of so many things that I don't really need anymore. Now, I am watching Julie and Julia and contemplating what to do with my day. I'm thinking of finishing the clothes, cleaning a little and maybe going into work for a bit to get a head start on tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. And if you have tomorrow off, I am so jealous. Enjoy it for me.


  1. It's been gloomy here today too. It's so depressing...we need some sun soon!

  2. This is my plan for today!! Get rid of some things!!!! This post is going to motivate me!!! :-)

  3. nice you had a productive weekend!
    i need to have one of those this coming weekend.
    i really want to see julie and julia as well!!
    i had to work yesterday hoo! :(
    hope you are having a great day today!!