Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, normally in life I pride myself on being a leader and not really following what others do. Well, last night I became a follower. I began the SHRED! I guess, since it is all about working out and getting fit and trim and healthy, then it is ok. I started off last year with a fitness bootcamp that kicked my butt (but I am SO glad I did it) and this year, I am continuing what I started last year and instead doing it on my own. After I did The Shred last night, I realized a lot of the moves in this video were things we did in bootcamp, so I know it will work! The difference is that I am inside in my house and not outside in the freezing cold temperatures and rain and sleet. I also have my dog at my feet thinking we are playing a game. It is pretty funny. But, I made it through the 20 minute workout and I am glad I did it. I am excited to see where I am after 30 days! I have a couple of other videos that I am excited to try as well, I have to mix it up or I will get bored very fast! I am ready for it to not be dark when I wake up and when I come home so I can start running again! I miss it, but since I don't live in the best city to be running by myself in the first place, I don't really think it is a good idea when it is dark! So, here is to the Shred! I'm hoping I get the same results as bootcamp! I am a little sore today, so that is a good thing, right? We will see. One more day of this week! Get excited!


  1. I'm a big fan of the shred! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  2. How fun!!!! I dont run outside when its dark, just not that safe! Hope you are having a nice week...friday tomorrow~~ So looking forward to it!!!

  3. there is nothing wrong with being a follower! :) the shred kicks some booty!
    i just started level 2 this week! i'm a fan of it but i have to mix it up with another dvd i use, cardio max. doing the exact same workout every day is no fun for me ;)

  4. Hey Becky!
    Delighted you are excited about the Pink Week Giveaway!
    Now about the Shred!
    I will start it with you today!
    I have it!
    Did you do level one?
    It's a killer!
    Now...I would LOVE for me to tell me what other workout videos you like..and what the BOOTCAMP was that you did!
    Oh I do hope you will email me:
    While doing the SHRED...will you add anything else to your day?

  5. good luck! i need to get myself motivated to do something other than playing tennis on Wii soon!

  6. I have a very love hate relationship with the Shred. I hope you have great success with it! Good luck!