Monday, January 11, 2010

Just What I Needed

As I mentioned on Friday, I was looking forward to a low-key, relaxing weekend, and that is exactly what I got! E was still in town from when he came down to watch the National Championship game. Friday night, we warmed up left overs from the game, and they were SO yummy!! Then since 8 pm was WAY TOO EARLY to call it a night, we did what all twenty-somethings do...visit Starbucks and drive around in order to keep from falling asleep. I mean, isn't that what you do? It worked because, well, we were driving! Saturday, Scout had a vet appointment and then E and I decided we needed to get out of the house. (He had cabin fever because he had been inside since Thursday). So we went all around town and just had a grand time. We got new phones, the HTC Eris (they were BOGO at Verizon) and spent all Saturday evening like nerds playing with our new phones. Sad, I know. But you only wish you had a phone that made fart noises on command. Sunday was a relaxing day, and then E packed up and headed back to Huntsville in order to get there before all of the roads froze over again! I mean seriously, I live in the South! It isn't supposed to snow and linger! It is supposed to snow and then go away! February should bring Spring temperatures! It is crazy I tell you! Oh well.....Anyway, so a bone to pick with The University of Alabama....since I am best at letters, I think I will address the situation that way.

Dear University of Alabama Athletic Department,
First of all, congratulations on winning the university's 13th National Championship title. As an alum, I know the sweetness of the victory. I know you are very proud of the crystal ball that you brought home from Pasadena. I understand that it has been a decade plus some years since that trophy has resided in Tuscaloosa and you want to show it off, but did you have to show it off at Walmart? I mean did you not think about what you were doing when you chose this venue for displaying the new hardware? Don't get me wrong, I am glad you are allowing your fans (even though some are new and jumping on the bandwagon in light of the win) to experience the greatness of the crystal football, but I am sure you could have found a classier place to show it off. If you had to choose a superstore, why didn't you choose Target? I mean, at least it is a step-up and a tad classier than WALMART! Remember the state stigma that accompanies Alabama? Have you heard of the term redneck? You are doing nothing to disprove such thoughts from those who have never visited Alabama the Beautiful. We (well, most of us) aren't like that at all! So, people who made this decision, please think before you act next time. This isn't helping our case, and I know you are classier than that!

Roll Tide anyway,
A concerned Alum and resident of the great state of Alabama


  1. Ha! I'm from WV originally and have to constantly fight the same sterotypes! You see those things and you're like..REALLY? You just HAD to choose Walmart, didn't you? Couldn't be better than the stereotype!?

  2. I am glad that you had a relaxing weekend! Its a great feeling when you get a NEW phone! Enjoy it!! :-)

  3. glad you had a good weekend hun! :)
    i will agree with your letter...i don't like walmrt, one bit ;) target is my most favorite place!

  4. Becky!
    So funny!
    Greg showed my the picture of Saban in his WALMART vest...he was like...surely someone docotored this picture...surely Nick didn't really put that vest on!

  5. I don't get that choice either! You think they would have classed it up a little bit more.

  6. Glad you had a good weekend!

  7. Hey! I just came across your blog and I enjoyed reading it! I am however an Auburn fan, but was really glad that Alabama won their 13th championship! I can NOT believe that the first place they showed off their crystal football was Walmart either!! Not classy at all!

    Have a FABULOUS day!
    -your newest follower!