Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Complete Randomness

Well, today I am full of a bunch of random thoughts that I thought I would share so that you all may benefit from. Or maybe not. But you may just be looking for a break from whatever you are doing and need something to read anyway. it goes.

1. I told you that E and I got new phones this weekend. Yeah, the HTC Eris from Verizon. Well, I was attached to my Blackberry and I must admit I was a bit skeptical about giving it up and switching, but I absolutely love my new phone! It is great! And lots of fun! And a lot cuter than my Blackberry.

2. The weather. (OK, so this is more about an effect of the weather than the weather itself.) Here in the South, as some of you know, it doesn't get cold very often. I mean kinda cold, but nothing that wearing a fleece jacket won't fix. I mean, last year I bought I really cute winter white pea coat and I wore it maybe 2 whole times and those were once in Chicago in February where I froze to death! And another time in Nashville, where I think I just wore it to fit in with the Christmas decorations at The Opryland Hotel. Anyway, it is usually always pleasant and we usually have about 200% humidity. Which, for me, makes for great skin. Well, now that it is cold, that humidity is sucked out of the air when I have to turn on a portable heater and my gas heat all while bundled up in sweatpants and my Snuggie! Long story short, It makes my skin SO dry! I hate it! Anyway, I went to Sephora and told the ladies there my problem and they pointed me to Philosophy's Hope in a Jar and Hope in a tube for Eyes and I must say, after only about three days of using it, my skin is AMAZING!! No more dry skin on my eyes and it even brightened them by lightening the dark circles. Even E noticed a difference!!

3. I can't watch the Biggest Loser and not eat. I have no idea why. The show makes me want to work out and is great motivation, but I don't think I have watched an episode yet when I haven't been snacking on something! Why is that?!

4. If you are looking for a great book (and I haven't even finished the whole thing yet, but I still think it is amazing), you should check out "The Help" by Katherine Stockett. She is a fellow graduate of The University of Alabama and this is her first book. I must say, I am usually not a fan of books that are set in the South using Southern dialect. It is usually way off and very annoying. However, it isn't used all the way through the book and she does a great job with it when it is. I am ALMOST finished, but I can already say that I LOVE this book and I would recommend it.

5. I am going now because I am getting very hungry and it isn't even lunch time yet. I need some distractions!

P.S. - Hello to all of my new readers, and my old ones alike! Thanks for stopping by everyday and I love hearing your comments! Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


  1. I agree, this weather is making me SO CRABBY and I think it's mostly because of how dry my skin is! It's disgusting! When it gets cold here I am always tempted to buy cute coats, but then I think...WHEN am I going to wear this? I'd rather spend my money on cute warm-weather clothes. In fact, I just bought the most precious shirt, but it's sort of sheer and I'm dYING for it to get warm so I can wear it.

  2. I am going to look into "The Help" I am looking for some more book to read this year!! Hope you are enjoying your new phones!! :-)

  3. I'm the same when it comes to eating while watching the biggest loser! I think it's because they're constantly talking about food.

  4. Seriously, what is UP with the weather in the South? I mean, hello, it's always suppose to be semi-nice weather around here!

    I'm going to look up "The Help" and see if it might be something I will enjoy :).