Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, what a great 4-day weekend. I packed A WHOLE LOT into four days, and I still wish it didn't end!! It all started Wednesday, when we (Surprise!) got to leave work at 11! I didn't know what to do with myself!! So, I went home and got E and we headed to Red Robin for burgers and an amazing Gingerbread Shake! Then, we decided that it was too pretty to spend the day inside so we went shopping and just enjoyed riding around with the sunroof open. We ended the day at Bass Pro Shop and then went home to make homemade pizza! Thursday, we got up bright and early and drove about 2 hours south for his family's Thanksgiving. We ate until we couldn't eat anymore and then both got in the car on our separate to Huntsville and him to the ducks in Arkansas. mom and I got up at 3:30 to continue our Black Friday tradition of craziness! We had so much fun though! I think we ended up spending less than we saved!! [This was the view of the back of the car. Note: My mom drives a Tahoe and there was no more room for stuff unless we held it in our laps!] Then, it was time to go home and raise my blood pressure by watching the Iron Bowl!! Alabama pulled out a W but not without causing me to have a heart attack and scare the dogs from yelling in the process. Then we went to dinner at PF Changs. Saturday, my mom and I decided to continue shopping and also get "crafty". I wanted to make an "Eddie Ross" wreath so we were on a mission to find some pretty, cheap and no-break balls for that project. We did. Even though I took a few pictures of the wreath-making process, I don't have one of the final project?! What was I thinking? I will get E to snap one for me and email it so I can post it for you guys! It turned out nothing short of gorgeous if I must say so myself! I used the extra balls to put into these really tall apothecary jars, along with some tinsel for the mantle. I also made stockings, but again, forgot to take a picture. Then Sunday, we spent it with my grandparents celebrating my cousins 4th birthday! E came home from hunting, we decorated the house just a little, cooked dinner, and then the exhaustion from the whirlwind weekend of traveling caught up with us. I drove back this morning! Now, I am trying to get caught up with the important things. Like you know, blogs, C's weekend/gossip, and the Cyber Monday deals. Good thing today is pay day huh? Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I will be back tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY!!


  1. You really made everything fit in your car!! LOL

    Very nice ornaments!

  2. That looks great! I love that you put them in the jars!