Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's the little things....

So, things have been so crazy stressful at work...working 12 plus hour days. Anyways..sometimes it is the little things that really keep me going. Here are two excerpts from the past week or so of things that have made me laugh and kept me a little grin at work....

Documents that need to be proofed:
1. The word was supposed to be legalized...it was typed "Kegalized"
2. A simple email to tell me that there were baked goods in the kitchen..."Pasty in the kitchen."
3. A phone call asking "What is in the kitchen? We need to kegalize that." (Making fun of the previous typo combined with today's.)

Sad how the simplest little things can keep me going on stressful days....
Hope you are having a great week.


  1. cute! i woulda laughed! i am trying to get your ornament in the mail today! i am sorry it's so late! with everything going on w/my cousin it's been rough to do anything productive!

  2. Yeah, the simplest things makes our life just a little bit better!

  3. That's funny! You gotta love the little things!