Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Monday....Have a Ball.

So, a little update on my weekend....I will have to make this quick because I am a little busy at work today, but I promise I will devote more attention when I can get away from that little thing that pays my bills (also known as a job)!

So, the weekend went like this...
Friday, drove to Huntsville and got my mom. She and I went to the book store to get well, books and a coffee. We stayed up and watched A Cinderella Story til after midnight!!
Saturday my mom and I got up, ran a few errands and then quickly did somethings over at someone's house (details are withheld until this person sees the surprise), sorry but they happen to read the blog...Then, we went home in time to watch the Alabama game. I think Alabama football was designed to 1. Make me bite all of my fingernails off, 2. Say as many cuss words as possible, 3. Put me into cardiac arrest only to revive me every time in the 4th quarter, or 4. to entertain the people that watch the game with me. After Alabama BEAT LSU and WON THE SEC WEST, I had to take it a little easy because I was lightheaded and had a headache from the excitement of the game. I finished what I started at someone's house.
Sunday I went to church with my parents, had lunch, did laundry and made cake balls to bring to work. I also visited with my grandparents, then went to bed.
Today I got up at 3:30 and drove back to Montgomery to work and to bring said cake balls. My co-worker C and I decided to bake some treats for the office to brighten up a busy Monday at the office. She made Sausage Balls and I of course made Cake Balls. We put them in the kitchen with a sign that says: "It's Monday, have a Ball." We started to say "If you need some balls, they are in the kitchen." Then, we decided that would be either 1. inappropriate or 2. Too many people would come to the kitchen at once. HAHA, sorry that was ugly, I apologize! Hope you have a Happy Monday!! Who else is ready for FRIDAY?? (I am especially ready because E comes home after being half-way across the world for 4 WEEKS, yes, 4!) Hope you all had a great weekend!

BTW....Be looking for a giveaway...this is my 99th post! So, there will be something good up my sleeve for 100.


  1. Oh, how I love her recipes! I made the cake balls once with white cake, lemon icing...yum! Next time you have a little free time in Huntsville give me a ring...I would love to have dinner!

  2. damn I'm ready for fridaaay tooooo!! :D

    Happy Monday!

  3. Haha, I heard they won! Glad you had a great weekend!