Friday, November 20, 2009

Football Friday Part 12 (The "Eyes" Have It) ---*Edited to include a New Moon Update**

Alabama is STILL undefeated and STILL going to the SEC Championship in Atlanta to face Florida! I can't wait!! Only 2 more weeks! This week, we are playing UT Chattanooga. Not really sure who this team is, but I am a little more than confident we will have a W at the end of this one. Next up, Auburn on Black Friday, then the SEC Championship in Atlanta. After that, we shall see. Roll Tide! Everyone have a GREAT weekend!! So, now I am going to leave you with a picture of my favorite Alabama quarterback, JAY BARKER (I mean, seriously, look at those eyes!!), he is with his wife, Sara Evans and her friend, Eva Longoria Parker. You may or may not have heard of them.....I bet they had a blast at the game and had an experience like never before..Roll Tide!! (The eyes people...the eyes!!)

**Edit: So, New Moon....I got to the theater at 10:15, the movie started at midnight. I was there with about 700 other people. It was madness I tell you!! The movie was great. The best part of the movie?? Taylor Lautner. Seriously, I am totally Team Edward, but it should be illegal for someone to look that dang good under the age of 21. I think I watched the movie with my mouth open for most of it. I mean I had no clue. I think everyone in the theater was in awe. The girls were swooning and the guys (yes, there were tons of guys) were jealous. I will have a little more to tell about the silliness of the company and the craziness at the theater. Some of which may or may not include girls dressed up like Alice, Rosalie, and Victoria, and the random middle-aged men that were there without a teenage daughter in tow. But for now, I will reserve the little energy I have for the actual work I have to do.

P.S. - I realize that this "Football Friday" Post has turned into talking about males who have a few awesome assets, but I just wanted to throw it out there that E is still my #1! ;)


  1. LOL Thanks for sharing the eye candy! haha

  2. When I was in school, I definitely did my biography book report on Jay Barker bio not once, not twice but three times. :) LOVE HIM!!