Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend and some help!!

Well, this weekend was an eventful one even though I was a hunting widow because Emory was in AR hunting ducks! Friday night I went to the place that I work out (the dance stuff) for a special event that was called Sips n Strip. Basically it is what it sounds like except the dance they taught wasn't really a strip, it was just more of a slow, make you feel sexy dance. It was a lot of fun and I won a massage from the door prizes!!! :) That was awesome! Saturday, I got to help again at the bridal fair with my WONDERFUL wedding photographer Alicia! We always have so much fun! I think watching all of the different kinds of people is always my favorite part! I mean, you should really see these people! Then, I came home and put my feet up! There is nothing like standing up all day and then being able to sit in a comfy chair with your feel up for the rest of the night and watch predictable Lifetime movies! Sunday, I had a board meeting for a non-profit that I have been working with for a while now. That was fun, I will have to tell you about that later! Then, the husband came home and all was right in my world again!

Ok, now, here is where you come in with the help.....I didn't sleep one minute last night. Ok, maybe for a little bit from 5 to 6 (when the alarm went off). I don't have kids, I am supposed to be able to sleep all night for 20 hours if I feel like it! Nope, I don't have kids but I do have Max! He is that cute little Weim that all of you commented about in the snow! Well, as I mentioned, he has decided that he wants to sleep in the bed, under the covers and not on his bed under his blanket! He was doing so well, until the last few weeks or so. We tell him every time he tries to get on our bed to go get in his bed and he gets down and does so and then 5 seconds later he is back in our bed and the process repeats!! He is just too big to sleep in our bed! Literally he tried to get in our bed 5,726 times last night from 10 pm to 6 am. It was exhausting! I was ready to just let him have my spot and me go to the other bed because I was literally UP ALL NIGHT! Now, our other dog goes to sleep in his bed and doesn't get up in the night! Max used to just sleep right next to him until recently! This is where I need your help!! Have any of you had this issue and successfully remedied the situation? If so, PLEASE let me know what your secret is! We are going to try to switch things up on him tonight and see if that helps, he ALWAYS comes to my side of the bed because he knows I am the softy because it is closest to his bed. But something has got to give! This girl needs SLEEP! Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Now, as for the blog, I hope I can start sharing some recipes with you guys! We have TONS of ducks in our freezer and we have got to start cooking them! I hope to maybe share some of the things we cook in our house (and not just duck) because we cook ALOT and love it! Anyway, I hope you all got more sleep than I did last night and have a wonderful day!

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  1. I wish I could give you some good advice...I have been struggling with sleeping as well..I might need a new pillow, but not sure!