Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I interrupt your sleep....

.....to sleep on  your face and nuzzle under the covers at all hours of the night. No, I am not talking about my husband, I am talking about my six month old, sixty-plus pound puppy! He has found the bliss in snuggling in under the covers and gets on our bed every night to do so. Multiple times. After we put him back in his bed and cover him up with his blanket! You would think we had a child in our house. He has a bed, he has a blanket, we get up every couple of hours after we go to bed, and there are toys ALL OVER THE HOUSE, no matter how many times I pick them up in a day! Anyway, that is my rant! He is still stinking cute and I don't know what we would do without him. But it is so funny how different the two dogs are! Scout HATES the covers and is really neat with his toys and you hardly know he is around. Max on the other hand is literally always in your face letting you know he is here and you need to pay attention to him!

Now, the real reason for the post is catching up on Christmas and the joyous things that come with it! Since it was our first Christmas, we put up a tree together for the first time. Well, two trees. One thing that was a common theme for people  to give us was ornaments, which I loved! Now here is the part of this post where I would show you all of the pictures, but Blogger is not letting me upload any of them. Maybe I will try again later and you will have a complete, unboring post!


  1. Haha! I try to break Avery from getting in the bed because our comforter is white. But the little brat still gets up there. Haha.

    And I completely feel you on the toys...I keep trying to imagine kids and a dog..Ha!

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