Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's a beautiful day...

Ok, so I was at a loss for a blog title here. I am not talking about the U2 song, nor am I about to quote Mr. Rogers. I woke up today in the best of moods. I attribute it to the FULL NIGHT's sleep I got! Yep, I didn't wake up all night, and Max slept in his bed all night. Who knew a little switcharoo on him would make him stay in his bed?! Well, it did and I am willing to do whatever works!

I am in such a good mood this morning that I didn't even get bummed because I thought today was Friday when it was really just Thursday! Nope, not mad, because I am not going to ruiin my great mood! (I am sure my husband is glad that I got a full night's sleep!) He even told me this morning that I woke up in such a good mood that I was acting silly. (Because I was talking to Max in my little kid voice.) But, it was great and I feel like it can only get better from here!

Well, I don't have much to say today other than talk about my night's sleep. That's lame. Sorry. I will try to do better tomorrow. Here is a picture to make up for the lameness! LOL
Our honeymoon in Fr@nce! I miss it terribly and it reminds me of warmer days!


  1. Glad you slept the WHOLE night! Wonderful!! Enjoy your day today!!!! xoxo!

  2. I'm glad that your getting some rest now :).

  3. I love nights that I get sleep! It makes the whole next day so much better!