Thursday, January 13, 2011

Seriously Snow, a Book for the year and Le Cresuet!

Well, the snow and ice is still here in Alabama. Although, the roads seem to be clear according to my husband who has been to work the past two days. Schools, however, are closed for day number four! Yep, schools have been out all week and will be out again Monday for the holiday even if they are in tomorrow! It has been crazy! I haven't left the house all week. It hasn't really bothered me, because it is SO cold outside. And I HATE to be cold, so I would much rather stay inside with blankets and a heater and as many clothes as I can put on, because let's face it, you can never be too warm when it is something like -10 degrees outside. (Ok, maybe it is like 16 degrees outside, but whatever it is, it is too cold for me!)

I am excited that tomorrow is Friday though, even though it seems like everyday is the weekend when you are home! There is just something about the sounds of Friday and Saturday that change the mood! Since I haven't really been out of  the house I have nothing new to report or talk about really. Other than the fact that I got really bored yesterday and got out the cookbooks and started thinking of things that I could cook with my Le Creuset. Oh, I haven't told you about the WHOLE SET of Le Creuset Emory and I got for Christmas have I? Well, we did. We now have 3 dutch ovens of various sizes, a saucepan, a grill pan, a huge skillet, a stockpot, a casserole dish and a braiser, all Le Creuset! We LOVE IT! We cook alot and this is a set that we fell in love with this summer when we got a dutch oven on sale. It is now just about all we will cook with besides our Rachel Ray stainless stuff. I mean it is AWESOME! So, when I am bored, I try to find recipes that will require the use of the most pieces of our set! We even bought this cute little stand so we could display it and not have to put it in the cabinets because we love it so much! Maybe I will start sharing some of our favorite recipes and our Le Creuset! So, without further adieu, here is our beautiful Le Creuset!

This isn't even all of it, but it was all that would fit on the cute little stand! :) LOVE
Elizabeth over at Musing Experiences is hosting a book club, for the ENTIRE YEAR. It is a book for the entire year to inspire happiness! Hop on over and join us!


  1. Um, hi, I'm jealous! Le Creuset is amazing!!!!

  2. I love your Le Creuset!

    Thank you for posting about the book club! I am so excited to start it! :-)

  3. I'm prolley behind because I have no idea what Le Creuset is..ha.

    And I'm so over this cold! Pea coats and scarves were cool and all for a while but I'm over have to wear 5 layers to go outside. I'm ready to be able to throw on shorts and some flip flops!

  4. LOVE your Le Creuset!! I just got my VERY FIRST dutch oven last night from friends! I'm so excited to start using it!! :-)

  5. Seriously, I'm getting tired of the artic chill here in TN too. We live in the SOUTH not the North Pole :).

  6. Oh that looks great how you've got it displayed. Enjoy the snow days!