Monday, February 7, 2011

A whole lot of random!

Well, I have been MIA for the latter part of last week! Sorry about that, I just let life get in the way! LOL Actually when my husband has days off from work, I like to spend the day catching up with him and blogging usually doesn't make it into the agenda!

Actually, we had a pretty fun weekend. Friday, we got some errands out of the way and had to spend most of the day inside because it was nasty and rainy! Saturday, it was cold and snowy but we decided we had been in long enough and took the puppies to the local Botanical Garden for the Bow Wow Boneanza! They let you walk around the Garden with your pups (they are only allowed in winter) and they had some vendors set up and they had a dog agility course up that you could try. Well, Scout is a mama's boy and he likes to stay close (he is a rescue) but Max is pretty fearless. He LOVED the attention and he also LOVED the agility course! I mean, we walked him through one time and showed him what to do, and the second time, he sprinted the whole course and LOVED it! His favorite part was the tunnel! The guy that owns the agility training place told us to bring him to classes because he did so well! We were proud parents! Scout was also a proud big brother! He watched him the whole time!

Sunday, we tried a new church and didn't care for it. Then, we came home and watched a movie (AND BOOKED A FLIGHT TO PALM BEACH IN THE SPRING) before heading to my parents house to watch the super bowl. They are huge Steelers fans, so it was a let down for them. I was super disappointed from the beginning. How do you mess up the National Anthem Christina? I mean really? That is pretty disgraceful! Then the commercials were not THAT great, they have been better, and the halftime show was a story in its own! It was just a no-go the whole way through.

Here's to hoping this week is a good one and it doesn't get too cold!!

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  1. So glad you had a good weekend! We tried a new church on Sunday too :-)

  2. What an exciting new adventure you are taking with being a consultant!! How exciting, can we order from you?

  3. I love ThrityOne products!!! I am your newest follower and your Healthy Valentine Swap Partner.