Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Menu Planning

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are finally past Monday and now the week can start to get better! This is a happy week around my house! Friday is my husband's birthday and also the anniversary of our engagement! S very happy and exciting day! It is great that it is on a Friday this year! Even though he has to work, it will still be a great day!

Who doesn't love to save money? I have tried the couponing thing and honestly, I just can't get it, or maybe I am just not that good at it. Anyway, I wanted to try something that I have heard people doing but have just never tried! The last day of January I sat down and looked at recipes and what was on sale at Publix and I made a menu of healthy recipes (we are trying to get beach ready at my house) for the whole month of February (cooking Monday through Friday, eating left overs for lunch the next day). I then went to the grocery with a HUGE list and purchased what we didn't already have at home to make all of the recipes. I spent less than $150.00 at Publix for groceries for THE WHOLE MONTH!! I was stunned! And all of the recipes are gourmet stuff, not just something boring! I was SO excited! That is less than half of the money I put aside in our grocery budget. We usually don't eat regular scheduled meals on the weekends and we have lunch/supper and my mom's on Sundays. But I have a few ingredients that can be used if we choose to eat at home! 

If you knew me, you would know that I am the queen of planning and the queen of lists! I have a daily to do list and I love marking things off. I even add things to the list that I have done that wasn't on the list just to mark it off! So, with this whole menu thing, I wake up with a PLAN for dinner, which I LOVE and it takes the stress out of wondering what is for dinner! It is even great because if I am doing something (like working out) where I am not home right at dinner time, my husband can look at the calendar (because the calendar is filled out with what is for dinner each day and recipes are in a binder) and see what is for dinner, look at the recipe that is with it and start dinner, and KNOW that he can find the ingredients in the pantry/refrigerator! It is awesome! 

Anyway, just wanted to share for some of you that want to save money but are like me and can't get into the couponing thing. Plus, just having the plan is worth it for me! Hope you all have a great Tuesday! I am off to run some errands and am looking forward to dinner! I think tonight is linguine with shrimp and portabellos! Yummy! Have a great day!! 


  1. Um....JEALOUS!!! $150 for the whole month!!! You should def start blogging some recipes!

  2. Wow!!!! $150 for the month...great job!!! You need to share some recipes:)

  3. $150 for the whole month?! You racked up!