Thursday, September 9, 2010

Looking back and fall and football and a funny

So, I had no clever post for today, hence the absolutely random title. Maybe it will grab someone's attention, probably not, but oh well. At least YOU are here!! So, I was reading on someone's blog about the new "stats" button that is at the top of the blogger dashboard page and I clicked on it. It was all very interesting. But, the most interesting part is the number one google search that brings people to my page is "Toomer's Corner". WTH?? I mean, this girl is a BAMA GIRL all the way. Orange and Blue, Auburn and anything that has to do with it are just awful to me! I mean, I won't even eat an orange and blue m&m at the same time! Because I HATE AUBURN. I graduated from The University of Alabama and it is burned into my brain! That is just how it is! Well, that is SO funny that is what brings people here and it is all because of THIS POST that I wrote in August of last year. Ya'll it is FUNNY!! You have GOT to go read it. You will laugh and laugh and laugh, and if you are having a week like me, a little laugh will go a LONG way. It honestly has just a little to do about Auburn and Toomer's corner but more about poop and toilet paper. GO READ IT!!!

On another note, I am SO glad that fall is here! That means the weather is changing, the time is changing and I am ecstatic! Also, with fall comes FOOTBALL!! I can't get enough of football when the season is here. It helps to root for the reigning NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! I am really looking forward to this season! Roll Tide!

Well, since this post is random and now over, you need to go make yourself laugh! You won't be disappointed I promise!


  1. Haha..I'm on my way to read it...but an orange and blue mm! That made me laugh!! LOL

    I'm so glad fall is here too!!! And football! Go Vols! :)

  2. Oh and that post from last year...totally made me laugh! 'If we ran outta TP Auburn University fans wouldn't know what to throw into trees'! LOL

  3. I'm so excited that football season is here!

  4. I hate the cow college also!!!!!!!!It's a good Saturday when toomer's corner is not rolled.
    ROLL TIDE!!!!