Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back Again!!

I feel like I apologize for my absence way too much lately!! Things have just been a little more than hectic around here lately! We have officially had the puppy, now named Max for a whole week (plus some)!! He is sleeping through the night, he is bell trained to go outside and potty, he can sit, lay, come and heel! All in a week! I must say we have worked with him NON-STOP, but it has been so worth it! He has learned to get up on the furniture, which is ok with us. But it is so cute! When he gets much bigger, he won't be able to sit up there with me! HA! Last night was the first night that Emory and I got to sit down and watch tv and we didn't even sit next to each other like we normally do! Why? Well, because Scout and Max were fighting with sitting in the chair with Mommy and ended up with BOTH of them laying on top of me and each other! Needless to say, there was no room for Emory! One day, they will each be sitting on their own couch and then maybe E and I can sit together again!! Ha! He is doing really well, and is actually giving Scout lots of confidence! It has been really great! Well, that is my quick little update on me and the boys!! I will be back soon with a better one!!


  1. AWWW!! I love puppies.. I bet Mr Max is adorable!! :-)

  2. How sweet!! I can't wait to get another puppy again!

    I hope you're having a great week!