Friday, April 30, 2010


It is before 9 here in beautiful Alabama and I have already accomplished SO much! E and I got up this morning and ran again, so that means I was up. I decided to go ahead and start my day. So far this morning, I have showered, separated and started laundry, cooked breakfast, done dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and swept the floor. That is CRAZY! It isn't even 9!! Now, I am itching to get ready and go run the errands I need to run so I can get home and have the afternoon to myself.

Ok, enough about the present....on to the past (yesterday) and the future (the weekend). I have completely forgotten to blog about my 1 year blogiversary. Yep, April 22 marked the one year mark of having my blog. I guess I will save that post for next week so I can make it something special. Yesterday, I had to go to Montgomery. I got to spend a lot of time with C and catch up and visit like old times. It was GREAT to see her and I came home happy and refreshed.

This weekend is going to be BUSY! My brother is coming in town to play is annual show at the Whistlestop Festival. That should be fun. Then, it is supposed to rain the rest of the weekend, so we are going to finish the swing probably and then work around the house since there will be no fence building in the rain. Then on Sunday, I have my first shower at the church. I am excited!!

Well, I am off to attempt to accomplish more things! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday and a LOVELY weekend!!


  1. Dang girl!!! Little miss productive...esp this early!! :)

  2. Wow, sounds like you've had a very productive day!

  3. It was good seeing you! Remember: No SATC or Eclipse without me!