Thursday, August 26, 2010


Did you notice my awesome, no AWESOME new blog design?? Yeah? Well, the AWESOME MIRANDA over at Little Sailor Design completely transformed my boring little corner of the world wide web into something really cool. She is a great girl from West Virginia (she went to the famous school, Marshall) but is an Alabama fan living with her sweet family in Hawaii!! (jealous much?!) She did THE BEST job! You all should check out her design shop! Because if I haven't mentioned it yet, she is AWESOME!!!!! Like whoa!!

Next, Casey Donahew. I think you have heard him a few times, because I have mentioned him here before. E and I have traveled to see him a couple of times (only because he is usually only in TEXAS) and he is absolutely great (not as great as Miranda) and you should check him out ASAP!!!!! Go, NOW!

French Red is amazing. If you don't have any handy..go buy some. You will love it. We liked ours well, you know, In FRANCE. Specifically, Villafranche sur Mer, overlooking the Mediterranean. But, you know, a bottle of French wine in Alabama can be just as good. Well, almost.

My awesome Husband...2 months ago today, I married my best friend. We have so much fun! He is THE BEST EVER!

My AWESOME BFF C, she sent me the BEST flowers at work today! She is awesome and I miss seeing her everyday at work. Soon...we will live in the same town, right? We have to.

So, out of this blog, you should have learned that you need to contact MIRANDA ASAP to make your blog (almost) as cool as mine. Next, you should play Casey Donahew, drink some French red wine and kiss your husband (or wife..or partner..or whatever fits in the blank). Oh, and be jealous of my best friend, because she is awesome.